This closed paid beta has a lot of issues

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1 no one ever said it was or would be free
6 you tell them to dumb it down
9 you then complain about them dumbing it down?
Pretty much everything in the OP is correct, albeit exaggerated. Bannerlord is a failure for the majority of M&B fans who literally waited for a decade for this game. This is unfortunate business for TW and their customers alike. I hope they make some positive, tangible change at TW; lest they make the same mistakes and face the same disappointing results for their next project. I am afraid TW now has a reputation to rebuild, and this time hype will not be on their side.


If you consider that out of Warrider came Warband, we might get in 5-10 years a finished Bannerlord.

Otherwise it might go like Pyranha Bytes - Gothic 1&2 were huge successes and in 3 the community fixed it (aswell).
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