Things We Need in the Game For Real, No BS (maybe some BS) That taleWorlds need to Impliment.

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Hey guys, Just Been thinking about/ Procrasturbating on ideas in the game that I really want implimented.

1. Realistic Battlefield Toilet usage. In real war soldiers would need to go to the toilet, and its a real it shame wasnt implimented on release (if you'll pardon the pun). A Good example of this is in the Battle of Agincourt in 1415, English archers had dysentry and were literally making poopy as they fired. Why arent my archers doing the same? And you are telling me when the recruits get charged by heavy cavalry they arent pissing themselves? this is a basic feature that needs adding to that game soon, because frankly, its ruining immersion to the point im thinking of stopping playing.

2. More immersive language usage. I'm talking real immersion, each faction should have its own language that we need to learn as we conquer them. Someone could write a whole wiki on each one (not me though because im a bit busy) and maybe TaleWorlds could talk to Duolingo to have them added to that App for us to learn the languages on? Dont use real languages though, because its a bit dull and would ruin the fantasy aspect of the game, they should employ people to create the language from scratch and hopefully implement for 1.5.10 or 11.

3. The Gatling Gun from the end of the 2003 hit film 'The last Samurai' with Tomothy Cruise. This would also be a great opportunity to have Mr Cruise feature as a cameo in the game, just like cyberpunk had Keanu Reeves. The gatling gun would also be a great endgame item, and is shown to be historrically accurate because it was in that film about history.

Anyway, these are a few of my ideas that should be 100% in the game, if you have any other ideas you have in mind that get posted regularly here or on reddit, I would love to hear them all over again.

Satire aside, I'm new here and have enjoyed reading some of the banter in other in the other threads. It's nice to have be in a community to talk about the game a bit, and make jokes, as none of my gamer friends play the M&B series. Reddit, where I did go, is less about the memes and full of Complainers now. hope you enjoyed the post. Captain of Scrubs xxx

Also, If you have any other satirical or silly ideas for the game I would like to hear them.
Excellent ideas.
For more immersion, I'd like to see another historical movie-related idea.
Every time you execute someone, it's actually Mel Gibson, and he screams "Freeedooom!" as the scene fades. This would never get old and I believe Braveheart fans would be enticed to play the game just to see Mel die over and over.


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Speaking of Braveheart, every unit should be able to down their trousers and wave their naked rear about which should be undoubtedly covered in face paint, on command.

Also welcome :party:


This is brilliant! Especially loved the Timothy Bruise cameo idea.
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