Things to Actually Do in Your Castle


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Wishful thinking for me :

1. Strategic room, I really liked the one in shogun 1

2. When you're not in a war party rampaging around the map slapping prisoners with a club, sit on your throne and listen to the neighboring village peasants, and what problems each individual one has. maybe a quest will pop up who knows. Gives you a reason to sit in that throne you carved your way too, then pass it off to your adviser when you're out and about.

3. the dungeon gets some nice upgrades and maybe isn't a seperate scene...

4. actual good looking feasts

5. Patrolling guards, actual alert guards so saboteur missions or assassination missions are actually doable and fun. Imagine scaling a wall to destroy the food stocks

6. while under siege you can go to the actual game scene and look at the enemies forces and check your own, maybe position people ahead of time.. kinda defeats the purpose of the RTS style opening for the sieges we currently have.