Things the player should be able to do via clan/kingdom tab or UI

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These suggestions will reduce tedium, increase immersion or create a more even playing field with the AI.

1 - Player lead kingdoms should be able to recruit Merc Clans via the kingdom tab
Currently players have to find the clan leader on the world map, while AI factions can recruit them out of thin air which is a massive cheat. There's absolutely no good reason why the player shouldn't be able to recruit the merc clans via the UI so its on a level playing field with how the AI can do it. This will reduce tedium and make things fair.

2 - Create caravans if a companion is staying in a city
Having to go to the city yourself and create the caravan becomes tedious, especially with caravans currently being captured constantly beyond mid-game. I propose if one of the players companions is staying in a city (for example, after being released from capture) the player should be able to create a caravan for them to lead via the clan tab.

3 - If the player clan does not belong to a faction, they should receive merc contract offers from AI factions
This would increase immersion. AI factions hire merc clans when at war, so why not offer the player clan contracts? This could appear as a bubble on the right side like other events do, or handled through the clan tab.

4 - If a player clan member is captured, they should be able to make a ransom offer for freedom
The player should be able to make an offer via the clan tab, instead of always having to wait for the AI faction to make you an offer.


Also, once you are freed from ransom or a truce, you should be escorted back to your own territory. Can you imagine a Count of this or that just thrown out of the dungeon, and "OK now you can walk back home by yourself between the bandits and all the enemies".

AT THE VERY LEAST the faction who captured you should honor the ransom paid for a period of a few days until you are found in an attacking party or defending a settlement before taking you prisoner AGAIN.

Because the way it stands now it's: pay ransom, get "free", walk 200 meters, get captured again, sometimes by THE VERY SAME LORD who captured you initially (sometimes only hours before) and thrown into the same cell again. Rinse, repeat. This... This is not fun. Waiting for a truce each time is godawful too.
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