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Things I would like to see, thoughts?

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Bless you this game is great, love how its coming along! I am excited to see what it becomes and I am happy to be part of the early access and its continued development!

Few things I would like to see.
1: Lightning strikes.(with a chance to fail) for when armies are roaming around, you can attempt to hit a single lord. If you fail you engage the entire army as stands now.
2: Ambush battles.
3. Slower speeds on Random enemies, at start its frustrating when looters evade or make you chase them across the world to catch them.
4. Possibly smaller artillery in normal battles. A unit or two of smaller ballista or catapults. Though it would slow down army movement etc.
5. Though there are 6 factions: they feel very similar, wish there was more of a difference between them in stats and/or mechanics.
6: More quests, many many more quests!
7. Scripted events. that trigger on specific conditions. When you take a town/Keep or when you capture a faction leader etc.

To be continued, back to leading my Banner, and thanks again!


Regarding 2., this is why you should invest some of the money you earn in horses until all your troops are either cavalry or mounted infantry. It gets much easier when you go past 6 map speed.
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