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Not at the expense of the quality...
If you're sending fodder in to just be killed from your AI parties, then your AI parties end up leaving the battle with like 10~ troops leftover, while you still have 200. They then encounter one other AI party (probably merc party), and they're instantly captured, and no more AI party, which means you have to go roaming around to go find them, in the middle of a war.

It just isn't practical to make an army.
that's why i disband the army, in friendly territory if possible, as soon as they get too battered up from the fights and then either focus on defense abit while they recover strength or call fresh lords available that didn't join the first army and are not currently busy in another AI army.

Most times i don't really take more than like 50 guys myself leaving the rest in garrisons to not waste them, they are all high level so will resist more (specially using RBM mod) and i don't have to worry about too much expenses with soldiers if i can easily summon 1000+ men armies just using a bit of influence that i soon recover in a few succesful sieges.
With luck it can happen a lot sooner... If you prey on rebellions to accumulate fiefs, and get a little luck, you might end up with 4 or 5 reasonably close cities. With that many, and no enemies, you can accumulate cash at an alarming rate. At that point it's a matter of making a list of landless clans and doing a speed run to collect 3 or 4. Again with luck, you'll only have to pay out a couple of factions while you do it.
haha yeah , sure, with luck
One of easiest way is join Northern Empire, wait till Lucon die, and election for myself become empireor, no other extra effort needed

But other than that, if you do it by yourself, it's pretty hard without any cheating, from humble beginning, just killing bandits and slowly accumulating attributes points, level up, gather more money, etc.

I wonder if you can recruit the fiefless rebellion lords?? after you took the rebellion town?? if so , then that would be great


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I wonder if you can recruit the fiefless rebellion lords?? after you took the rebellion town?? if so , then that would be great
Realistically, no, not if you take their town from them. The relations hit is too big and there is only a very brief window of time between them becoming a permanent clan but before they get picked up by another faction. There isn't enough time to get peace and fix relations with them. If you take their town too early, they'll go poof.
I agree with some of your complaints but you are missing out on some stuff
unless you take the entire enemy faction as prisoners (which they easily escape anyway).
Oh do they? My little perky friends "Keen sight" and "Mounted patrols" say otherwise. I've held entire faction in my party for years,

You need the attribute points
Yeah, I'm not a fan of attributes TBH, I would rather just have FP cover the entire skills so people can just do whatever. You can make really strong characters if you plan it out and know how to reach the perks you want, but it could be improved for sure.

If you start a Kingdom, you're immediately at war with 2-3 factions
Yeah, it's very backwards, basically you need to be 1 clan super hero party and take tons of land BEFORE you actually make kingdom, or else vassals think you're too wimpy to join you. But if you can bulldoze entire factions alone, what do you needs vassal for? The game kingdom requirnments are prety trolly too, "Oh you need a castle and rank 4 tee hee 🧚‍♂️ you can trust the **** up fairy, you'll be fine".

you max-out your learning (which isn't realistic) and make zero progress, which in turns means you can't earn any more attribute points.
Although don't like the attributes, this is happily 100% not true! You gain full exp form actions even when the related skills are hard capped!
every other lord is seemingly Tier 3 and above, and has 80+ parties, while you're stuck as a tier 1 20+ party with poor units that you can't afford to upgrade...
Play on campaign, rescue you brother, set him a quartermaster, BOOM 85 party size go go gadget murder stack!
you just go hire a merc. they don't cost anything up front, and have 3-4 parties right they way for you to gather up in your army. boom now u have 500 more men
A lot of your issues could be solved if you could create an army any time; or at the very least issue better commands, while they have started in the right direction with aggr/ def party stance you need to do more.

Giving a command like follow me when just a clan (maybe not as an army but independent parties like WB) would really help getting a fief as an independent is possible but very hard to expand as you create party or two to expand your clans str but then you cant really direct them in a meaning full way.

I was trying to defend a town, my friendly party turned up to help but then never joined? Those extra 130 troops from my bro would have helped ( it was 800 vs 300 if he had joined it would have been 800 vs 435) I think I could have pulled it off since they won with 50 troops left. Its stuff like that which is frustrating as your meant to be a lord people are meant to do your commands but you cant issue any commands....
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