Resolved There's an issue with the Lord Wants X Captured on 1.4.3 Beta

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This is the after battle where I'm supposed to capture the lord, but instead it shows the text when you initiate conversation. I tried capturing Lantanor 3 times now, with no luck.


Community Support
Community Support
Forwarding this issue to the QA team for further investigation. Thanks for reporting. In the meantime, can you share your save files? You can upload it at Please paste the link to this thread in the description box on the upload website so I can identify it.


I can confirm this issue. I have taken the quest to capture a Lord and when ever i fight and catch the lord he says the lines he did before the battle and then leaves. The option to capture doesn't show up.

Taran Alvein

I'm having the same issue. Also, I've noticed that every time I defeat my intended target, the game says he's in Ain Baliq for a day or so, which I'm assuming is the home territory of the quest giver. I'm playing on e1.50, with no mods. Here's a copy of my save file. I've uploaded it to my Google Drive, since I don't see a way to attach files here.

As an aside, do you guys want some screenshots I've taken of typos that I've found while playing?
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