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There shouldn't be any mutually exclusive perks, and soldiers should also have perks

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Let’s take a look at how many bad effects the mutually exclusive perks of the m&b2 have caused:
1. It took two years to implement various perks, wasting precious EA time
2. It causes players to spend a lot of time clicking on npc perks in each file, which affects the fun of the game
3. The random selection of the lord's perks will lead to the selection of weak perks, and the gap between players who can choose strong perks will widen, resulting in the difficulty of the game being too low
4. Soldiers have no perk and only proficiency. There is no gap between high-level soldiers and low-level soldiers. One hundred Legionary Infantry can't beat four hundred old farmers. It's very unimaginative
To sum up, all mutually exclusive perks should be cut off a weaker one, and all npcs and soldiers will unlock various perks with their proficiency.
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