There is no freedom in MP

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Come on Taleworlds, remove matchmaking and allow us to have our own dedicated servers with no limitation in players for example captain mode is 6 vs 6 only? why? if I have a server with slot for 100 players and I want a captain mode I should be able to do 50 vs 50 and change mode whenever I want. Also this class system is the worst decision you could have made, in siege there is archer spam and we all need shields, but there are factions that only the weakest classes have shields, do you think that is fun? no, at this point MP is going to die before full release.

Are you the same developers from warband? apparently not, viking conquest multiplayer and napoleonic wars is much better than this crap, even a game like mordhau has more customization.


I agree. But we need to make our own servers not only because of all this, but also for better pings.
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