Theory Crafting the Baby Problem

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So bear in mind through this entire thread that this all came to me when I laid my head on the pillow today. That normally happens, I close my eyes to go to sleep and an idea pops into my head. I think about it and my brain of course gets to work trying to figure out how to solve it. In this case instead of laying in bed and keeping it to myself I am going to throw it here to get theory-crafted.

Problem : Clone Baby
Description : You make a baby (I hopefully don't have to explain how this works) and after 18 years the baby turns out to be an exact clone of you at a younger age with very little deviation. In fact, every baby you create from that character turns out to look the same as its siblings.

So here's where we end up with my head on a pillow thinking. Let's say I wanted to ghetto fix this issue until TW puts a fix in.

Question : WHEN does the game take a 'snapshot' of your character and give it your looks and such, When the baby is conceived or when the baby is born?

In theory, if it's when the baby is born you could simply take a screen capture of your current character by going to the character customization window BEFORE birth and change your looks. The game sees you as you are and the baby comes out looking like that. Once the baby is born you could go back to the character customization window and CTRL+V your original look back and boom! You look different from the child. If it's when the baby is conceived you could possibly save scum back to just before conception (which is rough since I don't know the chances and if it's constant) and the notification and do the same as above.

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