The XS42 Public Teamspeak [500 slots]

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  • About
XS42 is a small gaming community at the moment, we play and host servers for a big variety of games you don't have to be or to become a member to be part of it everyone is welcome! The server is sponsored by XS4ALL Internet a Dutch Internet Service Provider.
  • What we offer
Everyone is welcome on our teamspeak to communicate with their fellow players or just for a random talk. We also offer other clans/community's their own channel this is a specially handy for starting clans.
  • Contact
Ofcourse you can always ask questions on teamspeak if this is for a reason not possible you can contact me here on steam:
  • Rules
- No harrassment
- No foul language
- No impersonating others
- No use of bots, or other scripts.
- No racist behaviour or language.
- No sexual or inappropriate language.
- No spamming the text area.
- If you are asked not to contact someone, honor their request, doing otherwise is considered harrassment.
Server Address:

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