SP Fantasy The Wutai War, 0.5 Released!

Do you prefer small frequent updates or large, hugely converting, but rare updates?

  • Frequent but less content.

    Votes: 81 41.3%
  • Rare, but more content.

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Knight at Arms
I'm rather sad to hear its going into sleep-mode.  I've actually been playing it a bit, the map is just beautiful.  I spent about three minutes staring at the waterfall and the mountains.  If you ever pick it back up, I'd like to help out with item and weapon models.

Silent Wolf

i love this mod too bad its not being worked on any more :sad: id work on it but idk even know how to mod yet...im more of a modder in training xD


hey does anybody have a differant download link cuz the one here is all gone  :cry: if anybody does that will be awesome i had this mod a long long time ago and thought it was awesome but pc broke lol so i need it again if anybody can help that would be awesome


Grandmaster Knight
Looking for mods with the old MBrepository links you should do this.

1) Click the original link to see if it is and old one or if the link is workable.
2) If not workable goto http://www.mbrepository.com/
3) On that website search the particular mod, i.e The Wutai War or using keywords that now other mod may have in their name (Wutai)
4) Click View this file on Nexus for a better download speed.
5) Create an account on said website.(Unless already done so)
6) Download Said mod.
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