SP Fantasy The Wutai War, 0.5 Released!

Do you prefer small frequent updates or large, hugely converting, but rare updates?

  • Frequent but less content.

    Votes: 81 41.3%
  • Rare, but more content.

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I think the armor looks great. Looking forward to seeing it in a future release.

Don't let the pedantry get to you. Posting a picture of final fantasy armor in a thread full of final fantasy fans reduces the chance of a debate over the color breaking out to 1. Consider it an indication of how much people here care about the mod and its source material that they're willing to get into a debate over whether the armor should be blue/black or slightly off blue/black.

By the way, if there's anything I can do to help you along in your work that is relatively easy to pick up and learn, let me know. Modeling and such is almost certainly a no-go, but maybe dialogues? I haven't really gotten into the M&B modding tools, but I used to make simple mods for Morrowind and Oblivion. That is, of course, assuming there is anything in M&B which is that easy to learn.
Nadeskeez said:
Graylord said:
I don't see any alternatives.

**** you and ur mod, im done supporting it. im out peace.


I was serious.
I really don't see any other options to what there is currently.

And i see even less reason to get mad about it.

Edit: I misunderstood your post. But it's actually still valid.

I kind of want to do an independent mod. But i certainly don't want to scrap this.


Personally I feel it is better to remain faithful to the source material, in which 1st class are purple.

Also, if it helps, AVALANCHE was technically formed after the cessation of the wutai war, so that's another reason not to include them  :lol:
Suspect-Device said:
Personally I feel it is better to remain faithful to the source material, in which 1st class are purple.

Also, if it helps, AVALANCHE was technically formed after the cessation of the wutai war, so that's another reason not to include them  :lol:

Thanks, these are exactly the reasons it's not already included.

SiiDarnath said:
I cannot enter into Tournaments everytime it just tells me I've been eliminated..
Yeah, it's a known bug.
Unfortunately i do not have a clue of why it happens. Hopefully it will be figured out before the final version.

SiiDarnath said:
I know its based on the game but there is so little Towns Cities and Villages this makes for a very challenging mod..
I am aware of this, and i am trying to make a way to recruit additional, independent troops from several locations.

SiiDarnath said:
I love fighting Shinra troops because my troops will only be wounded yay!
Oh crap. I haven't thought of this at all. I don't think i have set the rifles to do piercing damage instead of blunt/whatever it currently does.
I will have to take a look at it, it doesn't make sense that ShinRA of all people would only take prisoners.

SiiDarnath said:
Is there going to be any Customized weapons anytime soon? Maybe I missed them?

There are at least 3 already. That is, if by "customized" you mean the arms created specifically for this mod.
As i have said before (which is understandable if you haven't seen it) they are for some  reason very rare, although they are set to be very common.
This reason is very mystical like the tournament issue. Although i have a theory that i can't quite fully test out until later versions of the mod.
(The theory is that all the native arms takes the slots of the "customized" weapons, making them artificially rare. If that makes sense.)

Edit: I am afraid our rigger has vanished from the forums and is not responding to other means of communication. And thus I am looking for a new one.
I have also decided that if someone wants to make scenes. He can recruit modelers and texturers on his own if he wishes so. Needs to have some experience.
What do you mean?

Sorry for being away, i am having some issues with my computer at the moment.

Edit: Seems like most people wishes for less frequent updates. I will let the poll stay open in case of a rush of opposing votes. Releasing the next version earlier is a simple manner anyway.
Nah, a simple model change should be unrelated. However, i learned coding from scratch when i started this mod. And at the beginning i probably did a lot of things that don't make sense. I don't remember most of the things i did, so i wouldn't know how to fix it. I might decide to "port" the mod to clean up the coding some time. If warband is released prior to the mods full completion. I will of course port it there.
I realized i haven't shown any progress lately.
Well, here's 2 new weapons for you to lie your eyes on.

The full SOLDIER sword model has been contributed by Myger.
While the basis for the Wutai Halberd model was contributed be Brudelas.

Edit: Bad image.


Sergeant at Arms
After quite a while, I just reinstalled the mod and must say that I'm really impressed with its progress! I'm learning some modelling right now and have been doing a few texture edits for myself. Maybe I can contribute some armor textures, making the leather, chain and plate armors look a little less medieval and a bit more steampunkish/modern.
Sure, I will accept all contributions that fit the mod.

Good news! I can now rig myself. I can't do the shoulderpads very well, but it's not much of an issue.
ShinRa is almost complete, just some minor fixing left.
(Of course, that is just the specific troop equipment, some variations may be made later)
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