SP Fantasy The Wutai War, 0.5 Released!

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The Wutai War

Version 0.5 Released!
Full version 0.5 link: https://www.mbrepository.com/file.php?cid=7&id=1270


Progress(relative to upcoming versions)
Map & map icons:            90%
Equipment:                      35%
Scripting:                        50%
Factions:                        75%
Parties, troops & "lords":  60%
Scenes:                          1%
Dialogs & Menus:            20%


Known Bugs
  • Tournaments auto-ejects the player
  • When the lords going into "Traveling..." mode, they might get stuck. This usually solves itself eventually.
  • Companions are currently very broken. They are usable, but not advised if you wish for immersion.
  • ...



Yellow chocobo:

Please note that these are low poly and modified versions of the previous mesh.
White/Golden chocobo:
Black chocobo:
Red chocobo:
Green chocobo:
Blue chocobo:

In-game battle(old version):
A new scene from version 0.4:

Map icons:
Fort Condor:
Gold Saucer:


Graylord: Coding, modeling


Looking for:
The below aren't needed, but would be very helpful if someone wants to do it.
Weapon and armor modeler.
Intermediate/advanced coder.
Someone to make scenes. Will be responsible for creation of models with textures and placing them in scenes. Can recruit people on his own.


Version 0.1a
  • Fixed the issue with travel between Junon and Costa del Sol being one way.
  • Renamed City of War to Gold Saucer.
  • Fixed castles being assigned to player.

Version 0.1b
  • Fixed fort Tamblin belonging to Wutai.
  • Fixed travel from Costa del Sol to Junon.
  • Rewritten character creation.

Version 0.2
  • Completed sea travel scripts
  • Added Junon, Fort Condor and Gold Saucer map icons
  • Added Chocobo's
  • Added ShinRa banner.
  • Added Wutai banner.
  • A few new banner choices.
  • All lords now uses their faction's banner only.

Version 0.3
  • Companions
  • Rewritten music situations
  • Finish the troop trees (Turks, etc)
  • Caravans
  • Lords travel the map
  • Some weapons and armor
  • Textures for the map icons.

Version 0.4
  • Building retextures
  • ShinRa armors
  • Menu retextures
  • Mideel and Bone village are inactive
  • Wutai Helms
  • Shinra Assault Rifles
  • Mythril mines
  • Rewritten the tips
  • Lords can travel between the continents, making the mod fully playable

Version 0.5
  • SOLDIER Armors and helms
  • Wutai Halberd/rifle
  • Custom Cursor
  • SOLDIER Sword
  • A few pieces of Non-faction specific equipment
  • ...

Future versions
  • Wutai Pikemen armor
  • Possibility to trade with caravans.
  • New scenes
  • Lords and companions having their unique looks
  • Can recruit passerbies from the mythril mines which can become either Wutai or Shinra recruits.
  • Any action done at the Mythril mines can prompt combat to initiate inside the cave
  • One day travel time through the mythril mines
  • Equipment is faction limited
  • ...

Thanks Highelf, for his chocobo. (remodeled and textured by me)
Thanks captain lust for rigging the chocobo
Thanks Nightwolf353 for the baton base mesh.
Thanks to various modders at module development for scripting aid.
And thanks to the OSP team, for a few items.


Support Banner

Paste this into your signature:
Well, i have done some coding (Mainly dialogs, changed the currency and music) and doing some map icons right now:

Note: It won't be detailed and entirely correct due to being too complex and used as a map icon
The map was almost finished until i realized i made it upside down.

Also a quick photoshop for the module selection screen:

Edit: I've managed to implement Midgard:
It's using a tad over 5k triangles. Please note that it's untextured since i can't texture, and thus looking for texturers.

Edit: Oh yeah, it's currently floating in the air, but that's a quick fix.
Holy ****, yes! I'm really looking forward to this, Sheriff.

Why is Midgar called Midgard?

Also what music will you be using? I've got a ton of rearranged and remixed FFVII songs, but the originals would be pretty sweet anyway.


Grandmaster Knight
Waaaahhhh!!! Locke's changed!

On topic, I like the look of the Wutai pikeman...he's got massive balls.
Locke said:
Why is Midgar called Midgard?
Oh, i studied Norse mythology not so long ago, i must have mixed it with it's original name.
Locke said:
Also what music will you be using? I've got a ton of rearranged and remixed FFVII songs, but the originals would be pretty sweet anyway.

I'm using a mix of themes from FF7 original, Crisis core and Advent Children. Trying to use a mix of music that is not too hard/techno.
That's good, I remember Advent had a few great tracks. I'll go about uploading some of the tracks I have that I think might suit. (spoiler: might not occur due to laziness  :razz: )
tommylaw said:
Waaaahhhh!!! Locke's changed!

Nah, i just think i hit a weakspot.

Anyway, fixed Midgar:

Now it just needs a texture.

Oh, and i will also have eyecandies like the northern crater visible in the distance:

I want that shinra uniform so bad right now. Good luck with the mod, hope you get it done! If theres anything you need done just PM me and I'll try my best to help out.This would be savage.


Yeah, I've never played all of FF7, but I did watch the movie, and I was like... Wait a second... That guy is totally from Final fantasy!



Sheriff-murder said:
ShadowofDeath92 said:
If theres anything you need done just PM me and I'll try my best to help out.

Sorry if i sound ignorant, but have you done anything before?
He started a small mod, made a model but couldn't get it in-game, and he tried to get a party to spawn but it didn't work either.

That's all I saw from a quick mozy about.
I see, thanks.

I'm wondering if i should give Cosmo Canyon to Seto or Bugenhagen.

Edit: I've given it to Bugenhagen and going to make Seto a "knight" with it as his home.
You won't believe the nostalgia feel i just got by traveling past the Chocobo farm and towards Junon with the map theme in the background. (I even recreated Mt.Nibel  :wink:)
I have a few more issues to fix then i might consider releasing a pre-alpha, for testing purposes.


I think you're on the right track making Seto the knight of Cosmo Canyon, rather than the leader, it fits the story better

by the way how long do you think it will take to complete this mod?
Sheriff-murder said:
Not in quite some time, considering that i started yesterday.  :lol:

And now you've experienced one of the most important things to know about this community. If you combine all the patience of the entire forum, you get  not a damn thing.
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