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The Wild Wind (TWW) is role-playing mod with unique sandbox elements set in the American west roughly from the late 1860s to 1890. As all servers are currently for RP, meaning:
- No randoming (killing people for a non-rp reason)
- Role-playing is encouraged, but not mandatory
-Role-play names (for example one of mine is "Edward Black") are encouraged. Non-roleplaying names (for example ULTIMATE_KILLERZ or M&M clan names) or discouraged

Some important (default) keys to remember:
Q - opens the prop history menu (on the right), as well as icons that allow you to open the building menu, the inventory, the help menu, the interface options, and the skill sheet
B - Opens building menu
I - Opens inventory
U - Opens local chat
O - Opens administrator chat
E (F, in v0.13) - shows player names
C - crouch

To remove a item from your inventory click on it and click on "discard".
To consume an item do the same thing as above but click on consume.

Currently there are 5different classes:
Builder: can make or craft almost anything, skilled in crafting and construction.
Merchant: high trading skill; as version is only 0.12 is good for nothing; only class with hat
Hunter: high cooking skills, high rifle skills, starts with a decent rifle, can hunt animals
Lawmen: with "Outlaw" and "War Veteran" removed only combat class, decent riding and weapon skills, starts with decent pistol
Farmer: good at raising and harvesting animals

Wood: Go up to a tree with hatchet (axe) and hit it until it falls down. Then continue hitting the tree. If your woodcutting skill is high enough wood will be added to your inventory. he type of wood you get is random, rough wood and fine wood is useless for everything but building walls.
Metals and Stone: Go to one of the several mines placed around the map. Hit the mine with a pickaxe and if your mining skill is high enough stone or ores will be added to your inventory
Food: Find a deer. Shoot it. You do not have to be a hunter, but they spawn with a good weapon for hunting, as well as a high cooking skill.
Cloth: As a farmer, spawn sheep. Then whack the sheep with your shears.
Rawhide: As a hunter, find a deer. Shoot it. As of v0.12, hides have no use.
Water: Get a bucket (you spawn with one). Go to a river. Holding the bucket hit the water. Alternately, find a well and press "F" near it.

With a fire: Get raw meat. Hold "F" at fire.

The Forge: Forges are used to smelt ore. Once you have iron go to a forge, hold "F" to automatically smelt all ore in your inventory. You will randomly be given iron, steel, or fine steel. As of now (v0.12) fine steel is useless.
The Crafting Bench: As a builder go up to a crafting bench and hold "F". To craft anything you must have the necessary resources, skills and tools. Then click on "craft".

-Clothing: Clothing requires cloth or rawhide.
-Melee Weapons and Tools: Most of these require steel/iron and wood.
-Gun Parts: Before you can craft a gun you need the gun parts. Craft these first. All use steel or wood.
-Guns: All guns have 3 or four parts. You need all of them to craft guns, and you need to craft guns if you want a decent weapon.
-Ammunition: Without bullets a guns is worth nothing. To produce ammo iron is required.

-The most damaging pistol is the Colt Dragoon. However, it's the second least accurate.
-The Baby Dragoon is the least accurate and least powerful handgun, but it can be concealed (in v0.13).
-The Schofield and the Colt Single Action Army do the same damage, but the Colt is somewhat more accurate. Both are more accurate than the Dragoon.
-Model 1861 Springfield Musket: Mid range muzzle-loader used during the Civil War. High damage but a looooong reload time. Outdated by this time period.
-Hawken Rifle: Decent mid-long range weapon. Good accuracy.High damage and a slightly better reload rate than the M.1861 compensate for its single shot. A great weapon for hunters.
-Sharps Rifle: Insane long range weapon. 100% accuracy and high damage makes it the closest thing to a sniper rifle. Amazing for fort wars. Suffers somewhat in close range for its fairly long reload time, single shot, and lackluster melee abilities.
Winchester Rifle: Good mid range weapon lever-action rifle. It's medium damage will sometimes take two shots to kill an enemy, but this no problem with the Winchester's 15 (!) ammo clip. It's decent all around stats allow it to excel in everything it does.
-Winchester 1887: Powerful close range shotgun. It's 8 round clip and high damage make this a great weapon for close in fighting, but a longer ranges it's accuracy and damage decreases dramatically.
-Spencer Repeating Rifle: More powerful, but less accurate and a smaller clip than the Winchester Rifle. A decent alternative if you can't afford the Winchester.
-Cavalry Saber: Fine light cavalry saber, will kill in two slashes to the chest or one to the head.

-Pick: Used to mine.
-Hammer: Used to craft and construct.
-Shears: Used to shear sheep for cloth.
-Hatchet (Axe): Used to chop wood.
-Bucket: Used to hold water.
-Matchbox: Used to start campfire.

-Use "Q" or press "B" to select the build menu. Chose the type of thing you want to build. Use the arrow keys to move it and "right shift" toggle rotate mode. Use "home" to toggle free rotate. Hold "right control" to move along the third axis (that is, the Y axis when rotating and the Z axis when positioning). Press "page down" to duplicate your last building. Press "delete" to delete your last building. When you're finished, press "end" to physicalize your building. When you create a building, a display will pop up showing you all the controls, in case you can't remember them.

Hope this helps everyone! I'll try to add to it as the mod progresses, as well as some screenshots. Feel free to post your own tips and tricks and I'll add them to. See you all on the frontier!


Awesome, I was hoping someone would write something like this. Hope you don't mind, but I'm going to edit some of the points in the post to correct or expand upon them. :razz:

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Shredzorz said:
Also, stickied.

Woot.  :grin: Also, I noticed you added the Spencer Repeater under weapons. Are you going to add that in a upcoming patch? I haven't seen the crafting recipe for it, but have seen the Spencer Receiver.


General Awesome said:
Shredzorz said:
Also, stickied.

Woot.  :grin: Also, I noticed you added the Spencer Repeater under weapons. Are you going to add that in a upcoming patch? I haven't seen the crafting recipe for it, but have seen the Spencer Receiver.
Oops, the Spencer was always supposed to be there. I just tested it, and I guess it isn't. But I've now fixed it and you'll be able to craft it in v0.13.

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sinofchaos said:
How do you get the tools and stuff to gather resources?

For example, how does one get an axe or a pick?

Some classes start with axes or picks. Alternatly, if a large amount of people are on several people will usually have crafting benches from which you can makes picks, axes, etc. I'll add that now.


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You have to hold tab and click on the top of the gold bag, the button is a bit buggy. A buy menu will appear and you can buy tools, crops, mounts and other animals.
briefly tried this yesterday, a few questions came up: I couldn't reach any multiplayer server, what am I missing? I created a new map then, which didn't actually really make sense, since I was the only player on it...

And: How do I specify the class I want to play? The skill menu? Bit lost here, thanks...
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