The weight of the horse's armor and the rider's armor to affect its speed.

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Right now Bannerlord calculates horse's armor and the rider's armor and they are shown in the inventory, but they don't affect its speed, maneuvering or acceleretion at all.

(Contrary to foot combat where armor slows you down.)

This reduces Bannerlord cavalry to Very Heavy Cavalery Army only. All other kinds of cavalry are of no use right now since the heaviest is always the best at everything including speed.
In fact fully armored catafracts, which were historically known as being slow moving armored fist, are even faster than light cavalry sice they typically use higher tier horses and their immense full horse armor and heaviest armor of the rider don't impact their speed, maneuvering or acceleration at all.
Even western early medieval knights rarely use horse armor since it sacrificed their speed to the point it was not worth for their style of warfare.
Right now in Bannerlord fully armored horse is always the best at anything which looks non-historical and makes combat more shallow and generic.

Horse + rider calculated armor should decrease horse's speed and maneuvering, adding additional depth to the game.


Both below have exactly the same speed and maneuvering right now, i've checked few minutes ago.

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It seems like they just forgot to implement this. Why else would they have made heavy horse armors as heavy as they are? There should be a gameplay reason for all that weight. Right now the only effect is that extra horse armors weigh down your inventory
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