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The Wedding Dance (Beta Download v.92)

Would you like an option to 'lock' yourself to the chariot?

  • Yes...I fall off too often

    Votes: 233 22.5%
  • Yes, but include option to turn it off.

    Votes: 647 62.5%
  • No.....I like the freedom of movement

    Votes: 155 15.0%

  • Total voters

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lol most of what Taleworlds is doing with Warband is already in a mod or being incorporated into one :mrgreen: BTW can't w8 for release...


Well, some of it is done already in a mod, but not the stuff like adding wrinkles in clothing and muscled horses... Also modders cant make online play. But mods are so great because they have way more stuff in them then in any official release.

Rosha, keep up the good work!


Just curious if the male plate armour are your creations or if I could find those elsewhere. I love the large pauldrons! :grin:


They are mine.  I'll let everyone use whatever they'd like so your welcome to them after the first release comes out.  I'd like everyone to wait to use anything till after the first release, but once version one is out all is fair game :smile:


Dang I was looking to snag some now. :razz: Would it be possible to put the armour in a seperate pack for ease of installation for horrible modders like myself? :grin:
NinjaKiwi said:
Well, some of it is done already in a mod, but not the stuff like adding wrinkles in clothing and muscled horses...

That's just a normal map, which you can already add. Except they've put one new shader it looks like, something that has normal map and specular support. If they released that shader we could do stuff like that there's many programs to 'sculpt' hi poly and make the normal map.

The online support is the biggest possible thing imo. No way in HELL modders can add that on their own but now it'll be there to make what you want, SP or MP.


Rosha said:
Heya everybody.  Been busy at work, but workin on it as much as time allows.
Sir Paul the Coarse (should look like Hospitaller from Crusade, not sure if you've seen it)
Let's see.  I don't think I've seen the movie, and google only came up with this
If that's correct I think I could manage an npc like that.  I really haven't changed the native companions, because I like them, have my favorites and I think everyone else does as well.  So I wanted em in game.  I have added a few and will try to add the ones requested.

Yeah, that kind of resembles him! But the real name of th movie is Kingdom of Heaven, I got confused. Here's a couple of pics just in case.


he's standing in the back, you can see he is wearing a black mantle with a white cross.


You should see the movie, not bad IMHO.



Are you making some process Rosha? Or do you need any help? Because this topic has been quite dead for some time now.


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Too much ambitious projects can become unrealizable for the modders in the end. I am very afraid about this mod, about Crusaders, Second Age,  With Fire and Sword and some others.  :???:


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Jesus H Chirst on a popsicle stick!  It's only been THREE DAYS since the maker of the mod posted.  And you're crying about how it's dead?  WTF?!  Go get jobs or something.


Just quiet down, there's been talk of marriage in Warband expansion anyway. If this mod dies it dies. There's nothing you can do about it.


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How can you even think it's dead? Rosha doesn't have to post every day for it to be alive, sometimes modders don't post for weeks at a time.


Sorry about not posting for a bit.  I had to go out of town.  I travel a bit so if I disappear that's why.  The mod is coming along well.  I keep fixing items I hate and polishing things.  My GF is playtesting for me.  There are a few more things I'd really like to add into the beta, as I'd like to have it tested.  I'm sadly still kind of busy this month, but as it's mostly done, I think it will be easy.


Just so you know I'm still alive.  I'm close to a release...but personal time to work on it is kind of tight, and I'm an idiot because I keep wanting to add things lol.

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