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IIRC, the new GPU generations (Starting from GTX 9XX and Radeon 4XX) have far more complex power management than older GPUs, especially switching between different power states super fast. I'd recommend getting an up-to-date PSU for these, with indie power regulation. It's not only the wattage that counts.
I ve been following bannerlord for years and as I recalled    they tested the bannerlord at 600 bots over 60fps on i7 7700k + gtx1080 at gamescom in 2016.

I ve been looking at building my new PC exclusively for the upcoming bannerlord. If my memory serves me correctly,  I noted from their past dev blog that they confirmed  Bannerlord would fully utilize the potential of the multicores of the current and the next gen CPU.  I am thinking about having an I9 9900K which features 8core and 16 threads.  With ingame 600bots at 60fps running on i7 7700k  , would it be possible to run 1000 and over on i9 9900k?  Plz expand on the point  specified in the dev blog where it says Bannerlord will make most of the current and next gen CPU power.  Does it mean i7 8700k or i9 9900k. 

Would it make a significant difference if I upgrade my build from an intel 4 cores CPU to i9 9900k  playing Bannerlord on a massive scale battle ?
Nobody knows. The game isn't out yet. It doesn't matter if you can run 1000 bots at 60fps on a 9900k because you'll be able to run 1001+ bots at 60fps on whatever the latest hardware is when the game actually comes out. It's also very unlikely Taleworlds has figured it out without making the bots even more braindead than they already are. Just wait until the game comes out.
DanAngleland said:
Haven't got a new mobo and CPU yet, I think I might need a new PSU with more modern connectors (specifically an 8-pin rather than 4-pin 12v connector) which will require me to spend a bit less on the mobo, CPU and RAM, but I did get a new GPU. I say new; it was second hand, a GTX 970. Not the brand spanking new kit that I had in mind, but for £90 it seemed a good deal, and having bought a couple of 99p cables online I was able to hook it up to the power supply tonight (it uses two 6-pin connectors rather than the one the GTX 660 took; something I hadn't even thought about in advance). The result is very satisfying; before I could only run Bannerlord on the Low setting without going into slow motion, but now I can have it on Very High and am still getting 55-60 FPS in the Skirmish maps.

It's always a bit of a risk getting something second hand, but the seller seemed like a very nice, honest person. Also the make, Zotac, is the same as the GTX 660 which has served me flawlessly for 6 years, so I am hopeful it will keep going for several years.

I'm running a GTX 970 myself, with an i5 7600k at 4.5GHz, and would never go above 40 FPS at medium-low.
hakjimmy said:
Plz expand on the point  specified in the dev blog where it says Bannerlord will make most of the current and next gen CPU power.  Does it mean i7 8700k or i9 9900k.

I've been following Ryzen over the past couple of years so can't comment on Intel chips. That said, I doubt they had a specific CPU in mind, it was more a statement that more cores (within what seemed reasonable at the time) would be fully used. The engine is probably looking very different now in any case.

The good thing is that Beta currently runs on my i7 7700K and vega64 on max settings at constant 60fps, if i turn vsync off then i have arround 90fps total, but a 60hz monitor so . . . If they optimise it even more it will be no problem for worse PC than mine
Hello guys.

I am choosing a new laptop (also because of bannerlord) and I am wondering if perhaps someone can give me advice.  Is i5 9300h + 1650 max-q + 60 fps monitor enoug for smooth multiplayer with mods like full invasion or persistent world where we can expect many players/npc, or should I go safe with  i7 + 1660 ti/2060 and 144hz monitor? My budget is up to some 1500 euros but I am more concerned about laptop weight because I travel quite a bit (desktop is not an option)  I am thinking about MSI gf63 which is only avaliable with 1650 max q and i5/i7 (and after all also cheaper). Also how much difference will make i5 9300h - i7 9750h? I know that final system requirements haven´t been released yet, but I dont have much experience in cmputers so its difficoult to choose for me and I must choose quickly.
As always the age old advice: if you can wait, wait, otherwise buy. Stuff always gets better over time. The i7 will perform marginally better and be more futureproof with the extra cores. The 2060 will be significantly better than the 1650 and moderately better than a 1660 Ti.
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Can I run BL on my performance laptop, FDH AMD with Ryzen 5 Radeon Vega graphics, 8GB RAM, 256 SSD and maybe get a graphics card
Minimum requirements are very modest. Playing the beta I would say you can turn down graphics quite a lot.

I just bought some new hardware for my computer; I think I will leave the mobo + CPU + RAM upgrade until the weekend, but for now I have a new monitor to replace my old failing one. There are two niggles with it; the version I have has a base which cannot be pivoted or adjusted at all, which is a bit annoying since the default position of the monitor is leaning forward slightly. Not unusable, and I have mostly alleviated the problem by wedging some booklets under the front end of it in tandem with a book to raise it vertically, but it is an annoyance (the model has a string of characters, and there is another model with a single extra character which comes with a proper adjustable stand attachement, which I only discovered via reading the manual). I really feel this sort of issue should be highlighted on the website (I bought it from SCAN). It might be suitable for a lot of office environments (the more I think about it, along with the problem I mention below, I wonder if this was its target market), but not for most casual gamers.

EDIT: Just went back to the website and looked through the endless blurb. I had previously not paid much attention to the start of the Product Overview, which is a shame, because it makes it clear that this is aimed, at least to a strong degree, for office use. On the other hand, it also says: "Playing with friends? Use the integrated high-quality speakers". High-quality! And it says that I can "Tilt up to 20° up & 4° down". Having had a good look at the stand, there is no obvious pivoting section, and I am loath to apply too much pressure in case I break something. Confusing!

The other problem with this monitor is the sound from the speakers; it is very tinny. I suppose this is due to it being a fairly slim LCD screen, and not having much room to pack in good speakers, but I am disappointed. My previous monitor by the same manufacturer (new and old are both Iiyama Prolites but different models; I think I bought the old one about 10 years back) had decent sound quality, nothing special but perfectly satisfactory for me. I had not thought about how good the speakers of the new one would be, but I never imagined they could be this inadequate. Playing Rocket League and watching Youtube videos, there is a profound lack of bass, and I am having to turn the volume up considerably to hear much.

Something I am finding particularly confusing is that with my old monitor, I had to have an audio cable plugged in the computer and monitor- the manual for the new one instructs me to do the same (I used my old audio cable, there isn't one with the new monitor), but upon taking it out just now the audio stays on- so what is the point in the audio cable?!?!? And how is the monitor using my Nvidia sound device, as it says it is doing (think it is part of the GPU)? Presumably it is all transmitted through the Display Port cable, then? Which would explain the new monitor not coming with its own audio cable, but it doesn't explain why there is still a port to plug in such a cable, if it is superfluous. The new one is an Iiyama 22.5" XU2395WSU.

The long and the short of this post is: have I missed an easy step that is resulting in me having substandard sound, or is this the best I can hope for from this monitor's speakers? In which case, I should be getting a soundbar/speakers?

I can't complain too much; the monitor was rather cheap compared to what I was expecting (I haven't bought one for about a decade and had expected £200-£300), but I perhaps was too hasty in plumping for another monitor of the same brand, assuming I would end up with a similar experience to the one I had enjoyed with my old Iiyama. I took it for granted that, having speakers, it would be pleasant for gaming and general audio use, and that it would have
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It's odd how many monitors are ergonomically trash. Always check that it can be adjusted in all angles, including up and down.
I have a nice BenQ monitor. They generally have good products.
I've never heard a monitor with good sound/loudspeakers. But soundbars are pretty cheap and easily improves sound tenfold.
It's odd how many monitors are ergonomically trash. Always check that it can be adjusted in all angles, including up and down.
I have a nice BenQ monitor. They generally have good products.
I've never heard a monitor with good sound/loudspeakers. But soundbars are pretty cheap and easily improves sound tenfold.

Thanks, Adorno. I read your post some time ago but forgot to reply. I've decided to get some speakers, having clarified with the retailer that I am not doing anything wrong, and that the output I am hearing is the best there is from this product.

I hit another snag a couple of weeks ago when installing the mobo with RAM and CPU. I couldn't get it working, just heard the machine whirring up for about 5 seconds with 'no signal' on the monitor, followed by 4 beeps and an automatic reset, at which point the process began again. A local computer company investigated it for me and thought the BIOS was not up to date enough for my 9th gen CPU, which it should have been, but after sending it back to the retailer for testing they say it has the right BIOS and should work....however they did find and straighten 3 bent pins on the CPU socket, which was probably me during installation and I am hoping that it will now work. If not, I'll send back the CPU and RAM!
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