The Taleworlds Facebook page- "Wheres Bannerlord?" "We want updates/information"

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I was just recently looking at the Facebook page of Taleworlds, and one of the most asked questions was:

"Where are the updates?"

This is sort of a rant, but anyways, I'm tired of seeing that question being asked again over and over and over again. Now this may probably not apply to you, but please, understand that Taleworlds is working tirelessly on it and I think the least we can do as fans is give them some space, and let them post their updates when they are ready to.

It's understandable that we want information about the game, and hell, it's better that people actually do care for the game and want to see it work and do great. But I think asking the same questions is getting out of hand.
I don't get it.... because really..... where are the updates? As I've said before, the lack of info makes people think this game is never coming out, I'm not convinced myself. People get tired of warband, and stop playing, you hope they come back for bannerlord. I don't think people are asking too much, it's been in production forever.

I don't feel that we owe taleworlds anything, they are a company, we pay for a product, its a mutual transaction. It only hurts them to not build up the hype, and release small token updates to appease us.
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