The state of Archery.

What do you think about the current state of archery in the game?

  • It's great!

  • It's serviceable.

  • It's pretty bad.

  • It's absolutely awful!

  • Archery is for cowards.

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"First of all, the character seems to have (no offense intended for people with similar issues) cerebral palsy. There's this little "double-tap" system that wasn't there some versions ago... it makes absolutely no sense in my opinion. Every single time the bow is drawn, the reticle goes haywire and reverts to its previous position for an instant, only to go back to normal."
This bugs me so much, I've registered to this forum just to write this!
And it wasn't like that on day one, either. I have no idea why they thought it was a good idea to add that mechanic in.


Voted "Archery is for cowards" because from a multiplayer perspective, there has been moments where archer spam has rendered the game unplayable (an all-archer team can win most multiplayer games with very little effort required), and I don't think a sense of honor is why i'm seeing less archers in the game tbh. I think Taleworlds is doing something right in regards to the usage of archer classes, though I wanna think that cavalry needs more tools to screw archer players over, with peasant units getting more tools to screw cavalry over to compensate.

Most importantly, screw the Sharpshooter. I think he's actually overpowered since he has the highest ranged damage in the game while also having enough armor to forgive too many mistakes in melee combat. I still think it'd be best for him to get a longbow as a default weapon, w/ a crossbow + upgraded bolts* being a perk option.
*kinda like how the Light Crossbow on the Palatine Guard has the Imperial Bolts instead of standard crossbow bolts
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