SP Antiquity The Song of Taliesin: Wars of The Old North (Closed beta testing - pg 41)

The mod is going to have about 40 hireable heroes. If we recruit most or all of them, there can be a

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Rath0s said:
A little update on the tunic/tartan.



Still not satisfied enough with the wringles tho.

wooooooooooooowww!! really really really good rath0s!!!! :eek:


Eh, this kind of crash doesn't give any errors, which are pointing me to the source of problem. So basically the mistake can be in troops, map, scripts or any kind of module file.


Excellent! I'm really looking forwards to this mod - it basically covers the period I always wanted M&B to cover, so it's perfect for me.


It's also the virtual reconstruction of Northern Britain in 580 AD: map, locations reconstructions, factions, troops, scene props, weapons, armour, clothing, faction members, arenas, music, early poetry, language, animals, political situation...

And much more!


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Yep, Kolba and his team have done a very thorough job at recreating a time-period about which most of us have only been taught myths and legends.  Great job with the historical accuracy!  I love your attention to detail.  One of the things I've come to realize as a musician, is that a slavish attention to detail and a penchant for perfectionism is the main ingredient that separates the mediocre from the 'genius'... rather than some kind of 'inspiration' or innate 'gift' (though those things can certainly augment the aforementioned analness).

Looking forward to seeing the completed package.


Some good news. I'm going to show soon screenshots of germanic armies fighting against Britons!


Preludium to preview. As you see there will be sometimes a lot of rain, more than in Native. And also some lightnings!



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Kolba said:
Preludium to preview.
So now there's a prelude to a preview, and next we'll see a preliminary prologue prefacing the prelude to the preview...  :smile:

It looks really nice and I like the idea of more rain.
(have you seen the weather edit in Warband single Player? I have no idea how it works but it must be a new addition to the edit mode).


(have you seen the weather edit in Warband single Player? I have no idea how it works but it must be a new addition to the edit mode).

Really? Do you have a link to thread about it?

More pre-preview stuff. Preview will be showed quite soon, with interview and presentation of new music.  :grin:

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