The Siege of Tuldar Fortress

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The Siege of Tuldar Fortress took place on October 24, 356 during the war between the Baccus Empire and the The D'Shar Principalities.


The Baccus Empire had been severely weakened from previous wars with Sarleon & D'Shar and they had only 3 fiefs (Janos, Rela Keep, Tuldar Fortress). Lord Alexander owned the 2 castles and the garrisons had a lot of elite unites stationed.

When the D'Shar Principalities sieged Tuldar Fortress, Lord Alexander left from Rela keep with an army of 30 Shadow Legions Centurions and 230 Empire Legionnaires. The garrison of Tuldar Fortress had 40 Empire Armored Crossbowmen, 100 Empire Legionnaires, 15 Empire Immortals, 70 Empire Mortals and the rest were Empire Levy Recruit.

Syla Uzas who was acting as a hired mercenary for Kadan had close to 3800 troops and was the biggest threat in the D'Shar army.


The D'Shar constructed their siege tower and started pushing it towards the front wall. Alexander repositioned the archers to the side so that they are protected from enemy fire and have a clear view to the enemies that would rush to the wall breach.


The Assault
When the D'Shar troops started assaulting the breach, the Empire infantry held their ground fighting fiercely while the crossbowmen took out targets. Alexander had 4 bags of Old Empire Pila taking down enemies while commanding his troops with success.

The D'Shar army was completely destroyed with many of their nobles captured. The victory provided a big morale boost for the Empire Marshal force and gave them the opportunity to go on the offensive.


Sadly though the two factions went for peace the following day and the Empire lost the chance to regain lost territory.
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