The Siege Minigame - Another Cheese Exploit

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So, the "Siege Minigame" has been mentioned in a few different threads, mostly about how it is unwinnable as an attacker because AI builds defensive siege engines first and quicker. The cheese-counter to this seems to be to "move to reserve" a siege engine immediately after it has been built (by clicking it and selecting that option from the pop-up menu) and deploy all of them when you have 4.

But there is an even more effective (and exploitative+cheesy) method I couldn't find in the forums so far. (If someone mentioned it already and this is a double post, sorry my bad :grin:)

While trying out the above Move To Reserve ["MTR"] method, I experienced that even if MTRin a siege engine, the defenders sometimes get a few shots off at it (hitting the empty ground but still doing damage), meaning it will receive a bit of damage that will persist to when it is next deployed.


The new and improved cheese is as follows: MTR a siege engine BEFORE IT HAS BEEN HIT: Meaning either while the enemy's engines are aiming at it (e.g. drawing the ballista), OR while their projectiles are already in the air. Then IMMEDIATELY deploy it to DIFFERENT POSITION. The enemy's projectiles will hit the empty ground and no damage to your siege engine will be registered.
As an added bonus, your siege engine will typically even get a shot off (from its old position), even if it has been redeployed.
This way you can teleport your siege engine(s) around, gradually chipping away at the defender's. Once you reach 3 siege engines (always MTRing the one the enemy is currently aiming/shooting at), you are basically invincible. You don't build a 4th, leaving an empty spot where you can move your targeted engine to to save it.

This obvioulsy relies on heavy use of pausing the game. In my experiments I've gotten so good at it that I could run the game on fast forward, see when the enemy's siege engines prepare to fire, pause, MTR the target siege engine before it gets hit, reposition it to a different spot.

So, as much as I like the concept of having a pre-assault-siege, the current system seems to be heavily skewed in favour of the defender which can in turn be easily exploited with a cheese strategy.

Edit: Obvioulsy I don't "morally encourage" this method, and I'm aware that it's super broken! :grin: But maybe it helps someone get a foothold in offensive sieges while the mechanics are being balanced :smile:

If any of the devs read this: Thank you so much for this amazing game and letting us be part in further refining it! <3
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