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The servers are in a worse state than 1 year ago

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What is this joke ? I cant even play the game, every single game ends up crashing in TDM and Siege. Why is it that its even worse than it was 1 year ago ? Taleworld are you gonna start looking into multiplayer at some times ? We paid for a god damn game that includes multiplayer, not a game that includes dog ****.
Yep, glad I'm not alone in thinking this. Things still weren't great a year ago, but now multiplayer is borderline unplayable. I never remember it crashing as much as it does now when it first released.
This is what the last siege match I played in today was like:

Usually its not this bad, and crashing instead, but this is the worse I've seen it lag before.


These are private servers.
They're private because they're ashamed of the condition they're in! :grin:
I'm hoping it is proximity chat since I don't want to have to hear everyone... once I start playing the MP mods (I just can't do native).
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