The Sandbox mode desperately needs more detailed character creation.

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What I mean by "more detailed character creation" is the ability to choose the game stage our character starts in. For example, like in the cultured start mod, we should be able to choose whether we are already a bandit (start at war with every faction as a T0 clan), a nobody (default clan T0 start), mercenary (clan T1), a lord (clan T2 or T3) or even the king/queen (clan T4) of an existing kingdom with/without fiefs (they can be randomized within the culture we chose to play as) as well as choosing the option of being married or not by default. What I suggest already seemed to exist in some form in the Gamescom demo with 3 preset characters.
This can be achieved with only 1 character creation page added to the current system asking our status in Calradia like the background/skill selections with a box to tick/untick to choose whether we start married with a random noble within our chosen culture at the bottom of the page (or to make it interesting, a random commoner/wanderer/notable if we chose to play anything but a lord or a king/queen). Our character's starting skills can be determined by our status (e.g. if we choose to be a mercenary, x1,5 the default skill gains from our choices, x2 for starting as a lord, x3 for starting as a king, and the starting levels can be L10, L15, L20 respectively).
The number of kids can be determined by age we choose at the start (20 yrs - no kid, 30 yrs 1 baby, 40 yrs, 2 babies or 1 baby & a teenager kid, 50 yrs, 1 adult kid, 1 teenager kid).

@Duh_TaleWorlds , @Callum , @Dejan - Could such an expansion to character creation in sandbox be discussed? This feature would go a long ways in increasing the RP potential, which the game desperately needs.
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