The Ruler of a faction should have the option of taking a fief for themselves during the vote for ownership, even if they are not 1 of the 3 options

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As the title says, the ruler of a faction, whether it is the player or the AI, should be able to outright claim a fief for themselves regardless them being not on the ballot. During the voting process, under the three possible owners, there should be a box that allows the player to claim a fief for themselves if they are the king/queen for a hefty influence cost. I'm thinking x influence necessary to counter all the lords' votes + 100 to 150 influence, meaning, this will always cost at least 100/150 influence even in the off-chance that the ruler is not part of the ballot and no lord has voted for anything. This would really benefit the player during the early-mid kingdom phase where you want to grant some companions nobility or want a newly joined lord to have some fiefs so that they get more income, but you don't want to or can't give any fiefs you own.


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The king should decide every fief. It should cost influence as it does now, but instead of being restricted by it, it should go into minus, and should have penalties on relations with some vassals. Vassals who have been slighted too many times should either rebel or leave.

Or, even more interesting, make the type of fief dustribution (eg by decree or by election) a policy
For implementing your solution, I think that all newly conquered fiefs should belong to the "crown" (the ruler clan) first and then the king should be able to disregard a fief ownership election, which should result in -5 or -10 in relations with every clan in the faction.

I think that every ruler decision on votes should carry some consequences in regards to relations, but the influence shouldn't go into negative, ever. Even now, when you want to declare war on a faction and raid an enemy village or a caravan, it should give you an influence malus of -5 for 60 days.


agreed. the AI does very badly with fiefs that have a foreign culture, often it ends up rebelling. it just makes sense for the leader to appoint fiefs based on culture. also for several reasons it would be prudent that each clan's fiefs be close to each other, would make them easier to defend, they would solve quests more conveniently, their level of recruitment would be consistently higher, it would also increase immersion


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I guess Taleworlds thinks there was no feudal society's in the middle ages. They were all actually constitutional monarchy. I certainly don't feel like a King in this game just some chump who occasionally gets to vote on :poop:, like any other lord.


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Yeah I agree. In previous playthroughs on 1.7.2 and past I was able to rule by keeping a low fief count, even going down to 0-1, allowing me to take new fiefs and fix them up and use them make a new clan from a wanderer or give them to an appropriate owner. HOWEVER on 1.8 Stable to my dismay even with only 1 fief I was unable to be on the ballet for a fief and FORCED to give it to an un fit clan. I couldn't use that 1 fief I owned if I wanted to also, because in 1.8 stable the wanderers do not move around properly and I could not find anyone in the town in my area. It's very frustrating how these little problems keep getting piled in with updates and probably no body in TW actually plays whole campaign to find out how it is.

Also, every single clan who I did give a second fief to, eventually lost one of their fiefs, they cannot take of one really, let alone 2 or more. The war votes are a problem too. If TW is not going to program the AI to understand strategy and common sense (freeing 60 prisoners is not work a small daily payment that only last a week or two) or even what policies do (vassals propose and vote to buff tier 5 clans when none of them are t5... why?) then all of this needs to be modded out. There's nothing good about it and no point to it.


Clearly the current system of fief allocation is pointless, useless and annoying.

EDIT : because it does not allow a fair/logical allocation of the fiefs. Such as : giving a fief to lords who none or few. Ideally I try to have each clan of the kingdom owning a town, or give them fiefs not too far one from the other, such things.
For that the ruler needs to have the full decision power.
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