The Roving Roleplayers [Recruiting, NA & EU]

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The Roving Roleplayers

I hereby present to the PW community, the Roving Roleplayers!
We are a bunch of friends from a gaming community called the XI that decided to make a little group for Persistent World. Our goal with this group is to have fun, ofcourse, in PW. However, we have some other aims aswell, including that we will be having a flexible chain of command an playing style. Everytime we go in as a group the leadership and faction type (if applies) will be voted. This is because we want everyone to have a say in what's gonna happen, and we don't want to fall into a routine of constantly the same old story!

Founder James, ingame name is Baltimore
Founder TKTom

Companion Rageless
Companion iRonTM
Companion Bellefontei
Companion Deadly_Hussar
Companion Colbac
Companion Scorpian
Companion Rocknroll
Companion Anthony
Companion Tedstery

Alright, that's our roster right there. The only difference between the titles that everyone's got in our roster is that TKTom and I will decide things regarding the group itself, and not the gameplay. So we're still equal to the rest.

One extra thing I'd like to add that The Roving Roleplayers are a sub-clan for a fun gaming community called the XI Legion. It's basically a bunch of friends that hang around in our own TS and play several games with eachother. We also play some other mods in Mount & Blade Warband: MountnGladius, the ESA is the XI's clan in this mod, and Mount & Musket: Batallion, in which we have the 41st Welch Regiment of Foot. So if you're either interested in the XI, the ESA, the 41st or The Roving Roleplayers, give me a PM and I'll inform you.


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Someone with the name Scorpion? I shall slay him ingame!  :smile:

Good luck though, from the House Lynsinova!