The RKR is looking for new members! (EU,NA, OC & SEA)

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Here's our informational video about the RKR:

[size=10pt]The Regiment des Kaiserreichs also known as the RKR is looking for recruits. You do not have to be experienced in line battles or even with the game in general. We participate in line battle events and siege events every weekend.

We are a fairly relaxed regiment, however, we still require a certain level of discipline during events. We also do not require that you come to every event and you can also go to EU and NA and OC events

If you do not wish to necessarily join right away as a recruit or just want to see what our regiment is like, we do accept mercenaries for our events.

As of this moment, we play as the following classes:
• Musketierkompanie – Line Company
• Jägerkompanie – Skirmisher Company
• Artilleriekompanie – Artillery Company
• Kavalleriekompanie – Cavalry Company

Our schedule is as shown on this Google docs page

--For more information or if you have interests in joining our Regiment, contact me on steam.--

(Myself) Herzog von Brosenbach- HDBrosky

If I happen to be offline, please add one of the following staff members:

EU Region:

Herr von Korismus - Darragh

Freiherr von Adler- McCuller

NA Region:

Freiherr von Adler- McCuller

OC/SEA Region:

(Regiment Founder & Leader) Kaiser von Magnerheim - Magnapulse321

Graf von Luzonbach - Legatus

Freiherr von Krieger - NobblerGobbler


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