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The Red Wars, Calradia 1923

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This fellow on Mod DB offered to write and redo some of the dialogue for Imperial Age, alas I've sort of beaten him to the punch by two years. However I suggested to him this mod is looking for somebody to rewrite the dialogue so hit him up.



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I never liked that kind of google link for download, every time I download a file from it, in the end it says the file is corrupted.
Metalhead put a mirror on Imperial Games, you can get it there if drive doesn't work

I wrote one on the moddb file that has yet to be authed, it ain't much of a log. But I hate writing changelogs so this is all you get.

but here it is
2 new factions: The Confederate States of Balion and the Kingdom of Helvetia, all fully scened, with troop trees, equipment, and other fun stuff.
Trains as a fast travel system for the player, will soon be implemented for npc lords as well, but for now you can enjoy having them all to yourself >:smile:. To use them find the conductor in the town center, and talk to them. Be ready to pay though
New scenes, including things as major as city centers to taverns and town halls
New unique map icons, All castles have been replaced by a unique fort for all factions,
Black Bart Gangsters and Old Man Wickerson
A host of bug fixes, too many to list.

The opening quest may crash at some points, just skip it.
You may get a small op code error when starting a new game, just ignore it and carry on.

Unrar The file
Delete previous versions of red wars
place module in modules folder


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Nice to see you've unlocked the thread, hopefully another flame war about irrelevant nonsense won't erupt again.


Went through the resources, and holy ****, saying the quality of the new items varies is an understatement. Some of them are ****ing great, but holy **** some of them are bad. I cant understand why people keep insisting on using that older-than-time building pack made for the original MnB, without atleast attempting to improve them. But as I said, some of the props are great, hard to tell which ones you have snatched from somewhere else or made or yourself.
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