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The Red Wars, Calradia 1923

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The Red Wars, Calradia 1923


670 years ago, the hero of Calradia passed away, leaving the 6 kingdoms unified. The unification did not last long, and over the course of history they proceeded to break down into their squabbling selves.
In late 1903, Communist revolutions occurred in the Vaegir Tsardom and Khergit Khannate, while the Nationalist Workers and the Swazi party took power of the Rhodok Republic and Kingdom of Swadia, respectively.
Now the kingdoms are at war again; this time over conflicting ideologies and the same old imperialist desires.
Pick a side or stand alone.​


This mod is currently the #1 most controversial mod on the forums. Thanks to all who made this possible.​

  • Swazi Reich
  • United Federation of Vaegirs
  • People's Republic of Khergit
  • Rhodokian National Workers Union
  • Sarranid Islamic Confederation
  • Kingdom of Helvetia
  • United States of Balion
  • New Albion
  • Socalist Republic of San Gevera
  • Calradia in the 19th century.
  • Four new unique factions based off of historical nations.
  • Working firearms - rifles, pistols, grenades and more.
  • Completely new scenes for the age.
  • A ton of new models, troops, and items.
  • The Freelancer open source project.
  • Dynamic troop trees.
  • ... and much more.
The Team
  • [Inactive] ScreamingCommie
  • [Inactive] FastWalrus
  • [Inactive] Lor Dric
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Thanks to El Padrino for making the following 2, even if though  forgot the "S" on The Red Wars  :roll:



Thanks to SuicideSilence for this signature


Special thanks to Gambino for making this realistic looking signature!

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Latest Version:
The Red Wars 1.9

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Section Moderator
Looks good and you've actually made some stuff so this isn't another idea thread, good luck then.
I'll lend you some of my WW2 weapons if you have the need for those  :wink:
Sherlock Holmes said:
Looks good and you've actually made some stuff so this isn't another idea thread, good luck then.
I'll lend you some of my WW2 weapons if you have the need for those  :wink:

Thank you so much! We could use some more weapon models, Ill pm you.  :mrgreen:


Master Knight
Make this happen. NOW.

But wait, the Islamist front of the Middle East didn't start up until after WWII. Maybe making the Sarranids pan-Arabists would work better?
Yeah, we considered something like that, what ended up was a horrible Ottoman Empire like plan that wasn't very fun. But in the end we decided that making them Islamic would make it more unique and interesting, even at the cost of some realism.

Though the mod seems super serious, I'm sure the final product will be a little bit silly.  :lol:


Hmm. I was intrigued, and actually downloaded it. Had a blast playing. :smile:

ScreamingCommie said:
if you know anyone who may be able to help us with this give em a shout.
I will PM you with something.


I played a bit with the Beta provided in the opening post. The mod has some potential but the current version has too few changes to be really interesting. For now, it is just Warband with a couple of modern guns, new music, and renamed factions. The merchant still sell the default M&B gear. You still met the Vanilla bandits. Etc.
But I am aware it is just a early version for a Work In Progress mod, the project is interesting and will probably be a good mod when more advanced. I like the setting better than the Middle Age Calradia (and I'm quite a fan of Red Army war music :mrgreen:). I am now waiting for a version with more modern gear, remade bandit parties, etc.
The USSR-Vaegir being lead but a certain "Iossif the Steel Man" made me laught when I noticed it. :lol:

Which countries were the inspiration for the Nordic Union and the Rhodokian Socialist Workers Union? Is Peoples Republic of the Khergit rather People's Republic of China, Mongolian People's Republic, or both?

A couple of personal suggestions:
  • Remove the Native feature which stops the reloading when you get hit. It makes the rangefight very frustrating.
  • Add rifles which can hold more than one bullet at a time.
  • Increase reloading speed.
  • New mêlée weapons (shovels, trench clubs, knives, etc). Like some Warband weapon can be used either as a throwing and a mêlée weapon, you can made pistols switchable to weak blunt weapons and some rifles attached with a bayonet usable as a piercing weapon.
  • Add some special expensive troops hirable in towns only when you belong to a faction or have a very high relation with them. For exemple, Nord Commandos for the Nords, Spetnaz / Guard Riflemen for the Vaegirs, Sturmtruppen for the Swadians, etc.
  • Replace crossbows with something else, for example, split the firearms between rifles ("firearms") and pistols ("crossbows"). Also, bows could be replaced by full automatic weapons.
  • Add motorbikes as horses
  • Add explosives (use the With Fire and Sword grenades as a model).
  • Add the Freelancer minimod (it allows to enter in a lord's army as a mere footman and take part in battles without commanding anyone).


Sergeant at Arms
I also think trenches themselves would be a good idea, although im not sure how you could get the ai to use them. 


Technically, it should be possible to create a castle scene shaped like a trench and the actual trench warfare being a siege, except the defenders are staying in holes instead of standing on the top of a wall. The attackers rush to the other side, the defenders stand in the trench and shoot the attackers.
The problem is that it wouldn't be credible in the setting. Trenches are made for static war, Mount & Blade's warfare is mouvement war. A trench lying in a place remote from the frontline would be useless.

Or... I didn't try those mods, but I know some mods has a feature allowing to build a fort and camp inside it. Maybe they could be reskinned to be trenches, including custom scenes involving fights/sieges inside them?

Anyway, a custom siege battle about trench warfare would be a great idea.

I had another idea of feature for the mod I forgot in my post above: each faction should have several unit trees:
  • Recruited in villages: partisans, volunteers, militiamen, conscripts, etc. Cheap cannon fodder.
  • Recruited in castles: professionnal troops. Average efficiency, average price.
  • Recruited in towns: the elite special troops I mentioned above. Expansive rare killing machines.
Hey thanks for your response, we have added many new guns that are now appearing in shops, and the next version will include many new parties on the map and new map icons. We will definitely get some trench clubs and shovels for Melee once we get some dedicated artists, there is not a lot of osps for modern stuff. The skill renaming has also happened. I like the idea of including freelancer, I think it would be good for our mod. Diplomacy may be next, but baby steps now XD.

A new patch will be coming this weekend, and it will be the largest yet!


I've downloaded the mod and i think it is really promising :grin:
I really like the idea you have had, i suggest something just to make my little part also if i know it's simple to talk, it's harder to do.

Collaboration  while you make a mod is important cause Warband have a flourish community and you can  take something that has already be done and add something of yours, making even a better stuff but togheter. i've seen some mods that  have already something you need and you can ask to them:

Festung Breslau: http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/board,228.0.html

They have very sweet models of Red Army uniform's and Mosin Nagant, helmets , rifles , smg and other stuffs.

WW2 China Battlefield: http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/board,137.0.html

They have scripts for mines , flamethrowers, mortars and some useful and interesting things to be implemented

I've seen an Adrian Helmet that can be used for Rhodoks in a mod Cil War in Russia


Well, i think that if you can collaborate with these guys and add your ideas you can make your mod faster and better. :wink:

I've a question..Rhodoks should be Italians? And the Nord Alliance Finland?


Rather than Scandinavia or Finland, I suppose that Nord Alliance is probably either NATO, European Union, United Kingdom, or United States (or a World War II Western allies mix).
Is it planned to add later other major factions after the six Native ones have been completely overhauled? (especially an Imperial Japan equivalent)
The Nordic union would be Finland, Scandinavia that kind of thing. And the Rhodes would be Italy. El Padrino those signatures are beautiful, contact me and I'll see if I can do a couple things for you. Just one thing, the mod is the red WARS not war  :lol:

I have contacted festung Breslau a couple weeks ago and haven't gotten any replies, same with china battlefield, but ill keep waiting for them. If they gave us permission t would be a huge help. I plan to write my own scripts once I learn more python, but I know we are going to need a lot of art assets for this thing.
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