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This mod features ammo which gets used up when you fire a gun. How limited should ammo be?

  • Very Limited and very expensive- players should be forced to conserve ammo at all times

    Votes: 274 27.2%
  • Slightly limited - players should be forced to conserve ammo where possible

    Votes: 613 60.8%
  • Not that limited and fairly cheap - players should be able to fire a gun whenever they wish

    Votes: 121 12.0%

  • Total voters

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ALECOS said:
Epicrules said:
World War Z the movie was also horribly inaccurate to World War Z the book.
Dont even get me started on that topic. All of the two random references dont make it a WWZ like the Warmbrunn being in it and the iran pakistan nukes that has no context in the story other than to loosely tie it is...Fun move but made me sooo frustrated.
Haha, yeah. I just tend to think of the movie and the book as two separate entities. Helps me to enjoy the movie and not get frustrated I suppose.
Do not look here said:
Well, yeah, you're right, large portion of the mod will be dead.

But it will shuffle around despite of that, so no worries.

You good sir just made my day that much more awesome! And I also like where the mod's going to be remotely on topic :razz:
dinnerblaster said:
The Reckoning, the only living dead mod for M&B Warband :lol:

Btw. Any progress happened with the "Resident Evil 4" camera angle?
As far as I know, I remember Grandmaster stating that the camera angles may look pretty, but it's very fidgety to genuinely shoot or aim with. Best bet is first person or third person vanilla.
dinnerblaster said:
Btw. Any progress happened with the "Resident Evil 4" camera angle?
As far as I can tell offset (resi style) camera angles are pretty much impossible when it comes to aiming and shooting a target in warband. They require frame by frame updating and repositioning depending on how far away the point is that you are aiming at. I may be able to implement it via a special shader but I am only just learning HLSL (the coding language used for shaders).

I do have resi style camera angles in the mod though, in fact the default town visit camera angle is a resident evil style one, when you shoot these camera angles switch off and only turn back on again after a period of non shooting. The actually work really well to be honest and Im fairly happy with them.

I mentioned earlier that I was working on shaders, the mod now features grass & trees which wave in the wind (dependent on weather),  ocean waves, waving flags and other rags in the wind - they all look pretty cool imo  :smile:  I also have a "seasons shader", which would alter the world map, e.g snow patches all over during the winter, different colours depending on the seasons (rustic browns for autumn/ lush greens for spring ect) but Im not sure if I actually want to do implement this however, I dont know how well it fits with the mod.
Sir_Don_Quixote said:
I have Necryophylia.

I wish to have relations with undead female zombies.

Is that possible?

He's asking a very serious question La Grandmaster, we must have this answered.

Nice work so far, those camera angles look great.
I think he means a single game 'item' that combines two pieces of gear, not necessarily a helmet with an integrated gasmask but a helmet worn over a gasmask. Since in Warband you can only wear one item on the head at a time, he wants to be able to equip a "helmet with gasmask" item, like how other mods have "helmet with crown" or "hat with neckerchief" etc.

And if that's not what he meant... then I'm suggesting it.
I have loads of combinations of gas masks with bandanas, hoods ect. There is a swat helm which looks like this if that is what he is looking for
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