The problem with medics

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I think many in this module had to slowly bleed to death when a medic was not there, or he just could not help you.

Therefore, I once again ask all owners of servers activate friendly fire. Firstly, it still does not help against idiots with grenades, and secondly - the medic must "hurt" comrade, using bandages to stop the bleeding.

And yet, I suggest developers to add to the key points of the map the white boxes with a red cross. Using this box, soldier will bandage himself.


Bandaging isn't actually that easy to do right. I don't think they trained grunts for that.

As for bleeding, I think it's too excessive, but I don't want to reduce the importance of medics. How about deactivating bleeding when the player is crouching and doing nothing? It could simulate him holding the wound until help arrives.


I played as a medic for a while and I didn't have many problems with it. I managed to get to people in time (except some got shot before I arrived) and I don't remember anyone bleeding to death.
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