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I am going to make factional quests, which faction/s do you think I should start on?

  • Tribe of Snakes

    Votes: 64 22.1%
  • Elgante Empire

    Votes: 144 49.7%
  • Karkan Tribe

    Votes: 27 9.3%
  • The Rebels

    Votes: 89 30.7%
  • Arlen Tribe

    Votes: 12 4.1%
  • Arlen Barony

    Votes: 18 6.2%
  • The Lundmen

    Votes: 19 6.6%
  • Focus instead on general quests

    Votes: 42 14.5%
  • Focus instead on group quests (such as tribehunters, marauders)

    Votes: 22 7.6%

  • Total voters

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Crossbow Joe

Grandmaster Knight

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This is a singelplayer and multiplayer modification for Mount and Blade:Warband. It covers a central theme of colonists versus tribes, with tribes taking inspiration from anything from aztecs, neolithic tribes and comanches/apaches. It is based in a fictitious land on an Island called New Elgante which is occupied by seven factions. The mod aims to convert the native world to this new setting.

Here is the changelog for the new version:
Here is the changelog
New Features
  • 50+ new items, mostly karkan/lundmen/arlen. Includes plate armour and new firearms.
  • Alot of scenes, karkan's missing only a few scenes from complete overhaul. Most factions have a several new ones to boot
  • Completely new troop trees for the factions, some up to four times the size of native trees.
  • Properly factionised items, as in snakes selling snake weapons at their markets etc
  • Retouched map and map icons
  • Many new scene props to liven up the atmosphere
  • Rebalanced factions, including size of parties (More for tribes)
  • Most lords have appropriate names and some have new facecodes
  • New Ui, inventory window, notes, party windows etc
  • New Multiplayer Map for event; Secret :wink:
  • Ability to kill prisoners and other prisoner options
  • Retouched factions. Some tribes, such as the Lundmen, have been changed/updated to take on their intended look. Expect to see new varieties of weapons from them.
  • 10 new companions, with complete new dialogue conversions
Here is a review by King Harkinian

New Elgante is an ambitious "total conversion" mod by Crossbow Joe set in an eponymous fictional island. The factions, landmass, and several settlements have been painstakingly remade, and, as a result, the game feels considerably different; furthermore, the technology of the various factions feels much more varied than in vanilla Warband, ranging from primitive but courageous tribesmen to advanced late medieval/renaissance troops with firearms.

The story and setting are quite original, with elements which remind me of the Spanish conquest of the Canary Islands and the war they waged against the native Guanche aborigines, the setting being a small island occupied by several kingdoms of outlandish natives.


The content is a blend of well-chosen OSP material, original work by Crossbow Joe, and vanilla items. The result is harmonious, and the new material doesn't clash with the look and feel of the vanilla material. Some scenes, such as Port Horizon, are entirely new, and very impressive to behold; the landmass, a large island, is interesting and well-designed. Some of the factions feel more finished than others -- for instance, the Karkan or Elgante Empire feel more original and engaging than the Tribe of Arlen, whose soldiers are mostly equipped with vanilla Rhodok cleavers and fur armour -- but, as this is a work in progress, we can be certain that it will be improved upon in the future. New sounds and animations have also been included, but I'm not all that fond of the new animations, which I find a bit confusing in combat. Nevertheless, the mod is very aesthetically pleasing.


The gameplay is similar to what you would find in Vanilla -- you build a party, fight battles, earn money, and eventually become a vassal and start conquering land. Combat has changed somewhat, as ranged weapons seem to have taken a more important position in the game as several factions eschew shields almost entirely. Firearms have been cautiously implemented as powerful weapons with very limited ammunition, and cavalry is far less common than in Native. Overall, the combat is different, though perhaps more could be done to make it more interesting; also, it sometimes feels a tad unbalanced, as armies whose soldiers have shields (such as the Karkan) tend to have an amount of survivability which even the more expensive troops of factions such as Arlen or Elgante lack against missile troops.

The Good

- Creative, engaging new game world

- Interesting new weapons, armies, and style of combat

- Looks and feels polished

The not-so-Good

- Campaign gameplay feels a lot like Vanilla, and perhaps too medieval for the setting

- Some factions feel more fleshed out than others

Overall, this mod gets a big thumbs up, and I believe that anyone looking for a fresh new campaign experience will enjoy New Elgante a lot
Features so far:
-A New World Map - I plan to expand this with more islands
-7 new factions:
Elgante Empire
Tribe of Snakes
The Karkans
The Rebels
The Lundmen
The Arlen Barony
The Arlen Tribe
-250+ new items
-New Character Creation Options Complete with background, skills and equipment
-New Scenes - Plenty of new scenes, both singleplayer and multiplayer.
-New Startup Quest - It is just a re-skin for now but I hope to make it lead to a full storyline.
-Eleven new Companions - With background stories!
-Firearms - it seems every mod has these, enjoy.
-New banners - thanks to Mark Quinn
-New Mercenaries - I plan to add more
-Almost completely changed UI
-Lots of new Music:
Thanks to Jon Sayles for his really great renaissance music and rejenorst
-New animations:thanks to papa lazarou
-Ten completely new multiplayer scenes with more to come - check "Maps" further down to see a list
More Metal Sounds Mod:
thanks to checkmaty
-Camp Entrenchment
-Construct-able Outposts
-Textures have been redone: new skyboxes and improved buildings by sendmesmile, real water by cptjoker, new grass originally by painbringer but I have edited it alot and expanded horizons by openshaw
-Factional Merchants/Factionised Items
-Garrison-able Villages
-Ability to create your own vassal titles
-New Skill: Foraging - thanks to jrider
-NPC interactivity - I aim to make tavern and town visits more interesting with new NPC's, currently this is only partially done. But enjoy.
-Completely new scene props - that make up the new scenes, adds to the immiersion
-Troop trees redone from native for all factions
-Ability to kill prisoners and other prisoner options

Check the Waving Sailor Inn for more information on the background of the mod.
Basically the colony has been abandoned for reasons unknown, the rebels beleive that without the emperor surveying the area, that they should make their own ruling class. Which are not tyrannical, it is an ideal however. They do not realise that the civil war is only tearing the already weakened colony in half. The Karkan tribe (the "filthy tribe from the mountains") have reportedly been consorting with the rebels but the Empire are not well informed on this. The Arlen tribe are basically the tribe which is being bribed by Elgante to turn on its neighbours. The Lundmen are a break-off of the Karkan Tribe who are on speaking terms with the empire. They trade all sorts of things which sometimes include weapons. They have been slightly duped in this though since the empire sometime does not tell them how to use them. Like the cannon shots being traded to them, without the cannons! The strange tribe who live on the southern promontory shaped like a snakes head seem completely alienated with every other tribe, as well as the colonist and rebels. They are providing the most stubborn resistance
to the colonists.

Faction Descriptions
Elgante Empire
The colony that remains loyal to the emperor, has the best armoured troops on the island
Pioneers: The common men of Elgante, equipped with crossbows and occasionally hand cannons. These are becoming less common as resources run low however.
Elgante Guard
The men who are the first to be called to arms in a crisis or a campaign. Equipped with halberds and a few swords
Elgante Nobles
The esteemed men who have risen in the ranks of the army and been given Elgante's most precious resource; horses.

The Rebels
"Fear the man who has nothing to lose" and this definitely applies to the rebels. Any man who is confirmed or suspected of consorting with the rebels have their families and properties killed and confiscated respectively. Whilst many try to take their families with them it has become difficult due to a curfew in effect that no family is allowed to leave cities without written permission from the lord of the town.
Rebel Archers
A varied bunch who consist of hunters, proffessional bowmen, common bandits or men who just don't have the guts for the center of the fighting.
Rebel Fighter
The backbone of the rebel forces, these men have a strange hobby which seems to be sweeping the bored rebel troops, dueling. Such is their interest that many have taken to making their own rapiers and swords and being very competitive about the quality of their own weapons.
"The only men who have a horse are either noblemen or thieves" - and these men are the latter. Joining the rebel forces is incredibly appealing to the outlaws and bandits who's crimes are overlooked. And thus it is men like these that really swell the armies of the rebels.

Tribe of the Snakes
The strange men who reside on the very south of the island, on a promontory which is shaped like a snakes head, which is were they get their name. They seem to have islolated themselves from the other tribes and seem to have fought each of the tribes at one time or another. They provide the most stubborn resistance to the colonists
Snake Skirmishers:
The men that hit and run with such devastating force they are the most feared of the snake army. They do however appear to be the lowest in rank of the army.
Snake Furymen
These men seem to work themselves in to such a rage for a battle that they are branded with the name furymen. They are equipped with primitive shields and hand weapons
Snake Warriors
These seem to be the highest ranking troops that go to war in the snake tribe. They use pole arms with varying heads on them

The Karkans
This tribe lives in what is a large swathe of land in the centre of New Elgante from the mountains down to the foothills of the mountains and forest surrounding that. They seem to be the most barbaric of tribes, and seem to be allied with the rebels. Which either means they are more civilized than first thought or the rebels have indeed degenerated into barbarism.
The men from the highest peaks of New Elgante and what is really the only real snow that New Elgante receives in it's mild winter. They use primitive spears and picks and wear a fair bit of fur
Karkan Hunters
The foragers and hunters who live their lives collecting food. But are used in battle when needed. They use short bows and various clubs and primitive plank shields.
Karkan Raiders
The men who venture into enemy territory on a path of destruction. They have gotten quite a reputation for the speed and efficiency of their attacks. They use clubs, plank shields and primitive axes.

The Lundmen
The Lundmen are a break off from the Karkan Tribe, they strongly disagreed with the Karkans in that they believed the bets way to survive was to trade with the colonies. An historic event which has formed a symbol of the lundmen is the hacked off shield. It is said that Tifros a chief rebel of the Lundmen had had the top corner of his shield hacked off in one of the ensuing fights of the break off. It has since become a symbol of the Lundmen. The Lundmen had originally traded heavily with the colonist in the new monsters called horses. They quickly became adept riders and future generations get better and better. With a lack of horses now becoming a problem for the Empire they cannot help but regret ever giving them to the Lundmen. But the Lundmen did not get the upper hand of the bargain entirely, it is becoming common for traders to trade hand cannon shots and cannon balls to them but not informing them of their use. It has lead to some strange weaponry being implemented amongst the tribe.
The average warrior which make up the infantry of the tribal congregations. These are becoming less common as new generations take up the horse. They use clubs (some with hand cannon shots on top), axes and the iconic shields.
Lundic Scout/Horseman
The horsemen. Can be found using anything from a crossbow on horseback to axes. The real strike force when it comes to battles

The Arlen Barony
Mercenaries and traders to the Elgante Empire these men are shadows of the the tribe they once were. They are quickly losing their native traditions and becoming assimilated into empire society, where they find little acceptance.
Deriving their name from the familiar nickname for the new fangled weapons they use. The Crossbow is called the stockbow and conversely the men called stockmen. They are not particularly good as of yet but no special skill is needed to wield a crossbow effectively. They provide covering fire forthe rest of the army.
Town Guard
The militia which are pulled out of the growing towns make up the majority of a Baronial army. Their basic colonial equipment allows them to fare well against the squalid tribesmen they are sent to fight, but they have little training. Usually using basic swords and armored in leather.
Battle Rider
The real elite behind the Arlen Barony, though they are few they are quickly becoming rivals of the empires nobles themselves. The only difference being a lack of elite equipment. The Earl of Arlen has paid much to train these horsemen which are so effective in the colonial armies and with each generation they become stronger. They are mounted on basic horses and wiled swords and lances.

The Arlen Tribe
The last remnants of the traditional arlenmen, the handful of warchiefs remaining have banded together but it seems too little too late. They are holed up in the central north of the island. They have mostly adopted guerilla warfare against the enroaching colonists, using bowmen and spearmen/warriors in their "armies".
These are the men who scout ahead of the rabble that compose an arlen tribes warriors. They are adept at using bows and can use axes and clubs in close combat if needed. They are armoured mostly in fur.
Arlen Warrior
Also known as "wardens" they are the majority when it comes to defending their homeland. Armed with axes, spears clubs they can be quite fearsome and are quite strong. They are equipped mostly in furs.

Costal Village:
River Ambush:
Rebel Fort:
Port Horizon
Tabuka Island
Fortified Rebel Village
Karkan Village
Snake Village

Planned Features:
Tribal armour for the snake tribe, if anybody knows of something that may suit I would love to know.
Possibly crouching could be implemented
Sea Travel
Change tournament participants - this has been done to an extent but there are some problems with it
Implement Diplomacy - Permission is granted, but I am having trouble implementing. I am not a great scripter :neutral:
Artillery (Maybe just for multiplayer)
After Death Cam

Basically I can use help from any field, I will even teach you something about modding if you don't know anything though I cannot teach you coding.
A Coder would be greatly appreciated though I know that coders don't grow off trees. Just PM me or post here if you would like to help, the more the merrier! :wink:

This is a beta test
Keep in mind that this is a beta test and it is my first mod. You can help out with the mod by providing feedback on current features, ideas for future ones and offering suggestions about the current make up of the mod.
But just because it is a beta test does not mean that it is small, the finished product will be quite large so at the moment it beginning to show that. The mod is roughly 80% done.

Crossbow Joe

Grandmaster Knight
The Battle of Mesnen went splendidily, check out page 22 to see some screenshots of the event.
Event Description:
The Year is 141 (years before New Elgante was colonised, one year before the mod is set)
Duke Farnoth of Port Horizon has commanded an incursion into the Tribe of Snakes lands. They are to advance just inside their "territory" and hold the position for a larger army which will advance once they are in place. An Elgante scouting party which is heading out ahead of the main expedition becomes lost in the unfamiliar territory. They spot a village on the horizon and race towards with all the speed of desperate men. But upon arriving they only find the place gutted. Bodies are left to rot outside the houses they owned and the insides are stripped. A few villagers have survived, hiding with animals and underneath anything they could find. Before long the culprits return to finish what they started. Upon seeing soldiers they release a blood curdling warcry and charge down the hill to meet them. The soldiers disconcerted, glance to one another for some sort of comfort and, not finding any, stand falteringly between the village and the tribe....

Elgante Empire
Sergeant Brounfeld - Crossbow Joe
Scout Leader Rowlyn - Lueii
Scout Leader Warter - AussieGuy

Campbellton -  Red Campbellton
Torik - kalitorian
William Hampshire - Sarashi
William Jones - Slayton
You can think of whatever suitable name you wish here a few examples:
Midilton, Hamerton, Cort, Ambler, Norfrik

Tribe of Snakes
Akin'ra - Nordous
Nihl - kenski1
Finog'o - (Sort of like sergeants)

E'lor - TheAsperge
Think of whatever name you wish, though it may be hard to stick to the weird name listed above, here are some examples:
Meragra, Hal'or

What formation kit should I add to the mod?
1. Pre-Battle Orders & Deployment 34 (46.6%)2. Form Ranks by Foxyman 10 (13.7%)3. Motomataru's Battle Formation Kit 8 (11%)4. I suggest another one (post) 2 (2.7%)6. None 10 (13.7%)7. Mirathei's Battlefield Tactics Kit 9 (12.3%)

Do you like the idea of towns becoming more "interactive"?- I think this one was unanimous :grin:
1.Yes, quest givers, seedy merchants and thugs. I want to see them all in town streets. It adds to the atmosphere
52 (96.3%)
2. Maybe more quests would be nice, but I don't care for seedy merchants and thugs. They would ruin the fun 0 (0%)3. No, focus on other things. eg. adding diplomacy. Make a suggestion
2 (3.7%)

Would you like to see a multiplayer event hosted for this mod?
Yes, It sounds like fun. I would love to join in
16 (50%)
Maybe, but I think it would be better to wait until the multiplayer has been expanded a bit more.
11 (34.4%)
No, the multiplayer needs to be expanded
5 (15.6%)

When is a good time for you? (Multiplayer Event), Only vote if you are planning on participating!
1. This weekend (April 22nd-24th)
9 (69.2%)
2. Next week sometime (April 25th-April 26th) (Wednesday - Friday are not available for me)
3 (23.1%)
3.The weekend after that (April 30th - May 1st)
1 (7.7%)

Do you like the idea of being able to kill captured lords permanently?
1. Yes, invincible lords gets annoying
40 (60.6%)
2. Maybe, but try and keep it balanced (eg. cannot kill factional leader). If it is not possible to then do not add it
14 (21.2%)
3. No, it will make the game too unbalanced.
12 (18.2%)

Would you prefer a main questline with optional endings or multiple storylines?

1. I would prefer seperate quest lines for each faction, rising ranks in the faction of your choosing for example and helping them rise to supremacy. (This would also mean they are shorter)
15 (34.9%)
2. I would prefer a very lengthy main questline with multiple endings leaning towards each faction. (This would mean it is longer, but it would seem repetitive in the first half if you played multiple games)
14 (32.6%)
3. Both (Fairly difficult and would take a while to make, may have to restrict the factions with questlines. Would make the gameplay very open however)
10 (23.3%)
4. None of the above. Just make lots of good quests, that do not relate to factions directly.
4 (9.3%)

What would you like in the next multi-player event?
1. Empire Vs. Snakes: In a snake town/temple 21 (41.2%)2. Empire Vs. Rebels and Karkans: In a siege on Seflans Harbour 15 (29.4%)3. Rebels Vs. Snakes: In a snake town/temple 8 (15.7%)4. Rebels Vs. Snakes: In a rebel town 4 (7.8%)5. Rebels Vs. Arlen: In an Arlen village 1 (2%)6. Snakes Vs. Karkan: In a Karkan village 2 (3.9%)

Perma-Death? (I will make it toggle-able)
1. No, a waste of time that could be spent on something else 15 (31.3%)2. Yes, it will balance out the ability to kill enemy lords 33 (68.8%)

Which faction/s do you play the most?
1. Elgante Empire 65 (31.7%)2. Tribe of Snakes 16 (7.8%)3. Karkan Tribe 11 (5.4%)4. The Lundmen 6 (2.9%)5. The Arlen Tribe 7 (3.4%)6. The Arlen Barony 14 (6.8%)7. The Rebels 29 (14.1%)8. Whatever I can find, though mostly "civilised" 38 (18.5%)9. Whatever I can find, though mostly tribal 19 (9.3%)

What do you think Firearms need to make them more balanced? (Top 3)
Increased accuracy
Increased damage
Increased speed
Decreased accuracy
Decreased damage
Decreased speed
They are fine as they are

Crossbow Joe

Grandmaster Knight
Yes with school starting where I live in 3 weeks I feel like I am having a race against time. So please when you play the mod just have a think on some suggestions that could be put in the mod, it would be greatly appreciated


good job on getting your mod going!  No need to thank me bud..  I will try this bad boy out. As soon as my work ends on my mod I may just help you out a bit if you still need the help.

Crossbow Joe

Grandmaster Knight
smurfin said:
So is this like a pw? Nvm. Looks good.
Don't worry, I can understand how it might look that way when you see the title and main screenshot.
New tribal polearm I made, under screenshots.


Crossbow Joe

Grandmaster Knight
Poll up, I need to know if the mod is ready to go to the Caravanserai or if I should update it a bit more first.

EDIT: New map that is work in progress, thoughts?
Port Horizon (WIP)
The entire map will be accessible, perfect for a battle with one team in the city and another team starting at the far end of the map. With multiple hotspots, it will definitely have a lot of replay

Crossbow Joe

Grandmaster Knight
Thanks for the support. And as for the port looking like it's from assassins creed I coudn't really say since I have only played the first one, I can see how the waterfront might look like venice in some ways. But I am glad it gives that sort of feel since assassins creed towns are usually either large or give that immpression. Whereas this one is quite small.

Crossbow Joe

Grandmaster Knight
Port Horizon almost finished! Ai mesh 80% done
But I need to think on some places for battle spawn points, currently one team spawns on the docks and the other in between the monastery and the lone house. Suggestions on this are welcome.
As well as this I have been doing a few fixes and working on balance. It seems the rebels can take on the empire on a 2-3 ratio now (2 empire troops-3 rebels) so its a bit of an improvement :razz:
Also I will update the screenshots post soon with some battles I have been having

Crossbow Joe

Grandmaster Knight
King Ragnarok said:
How about a saxon like faction?.
Do you mean Anglo-Saxons who inhabited england or German Saxons? If you mean Anglo Saxons then I have a hard time imagining what they are doing in an early colonist era on a new world. If you mean German Saxons (Saxony), sort of like German pioneers then it's possible. I have been thinking of including some other colonist factions.
Also permission from thick1988 has been given, so now some new empire armour will become available for the next patch :grin:

King Ragnarok

Sergeant Knight
Yes the german saxons like ones.if there was a saxon like faction then they should have troops that rely on big shields and axes and so on.
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