The player and the AI should be able to pick up an enemy banner from the ground

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Both the player and the AI units should have the ability to pick the enemy's fallen banner up from the ground to deny the enemy the banner bonus and to get the enemy banner's effect for your troops on top of the formation banner effect (if there's one). This would make the banner troops more worthy to pursue on the battlefield and also make the battles more fun and engaging.

Or have a cooldown period on the banner staying down.

Hunting down the banner bearer to deny the enemy troops a bonus really isn't worth it when the enemy just keeps picking it up.


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I've had the opposite experience: when I kill the banner bearer, it stays where it fell because the formation goes on ahead.


Same here, the enemy banner sticks out of the ground, never watched someone picking it up again. I thought the benefit of the banner is lost if it is not hold by a soldier, is that wrong?
Yeah I think the banner effect is supposed to be lost after it's dropped (though I never tested it). I've seen the units pick up fallen banners when they're nearby quite a few times, it just takes a bit. Although if it's in a field battle and you manage to take out the banner carrier while the formation is in movement, the banner will likely stay down unless reinforcements come in (and then they either pick it back up or maybe the reinforcement wave spawns with a new banner carrier and the old banner just disappears, I haven't tested this either).


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Doesn't really make sense for your troops to rally behind an enemy's banner. It's clearly not your symbol on there.
Picking up and displaying an enemy banner was the ancient/medieval equivalent of teabagging on the battlefield. So it makes some sense your troops would get a morale boost.
Plus it's not as if the whole banner system makes perfect sense. I mean I understand things like morale shock resistance, maybe faster movement speed (if you think of the banner making the troop move in a more organised manner) and doing more melee damage (if you think of it as soldiers fighting with more determination because of the banner, although it's kind of a stretch). But why would horse charges do more damage? Do the horses also become more determined after seeing the banner?

At the end of the day, it's a game. The game giving us the optional objective of taking out the banner bearer and us taking their banners, as well as rewarding us with their banner bonus would improve the gameplay a bit.
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