SP Native Modern The Parabellum (WW1 in Calradia)

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Current version: v1.2
A singleplayer mod for Warband 1.170 that I make since August 2016.
Moddb Page -

Download link:

1918 in Calradia, features (already implemented):
•I reworked all troops, civil and military clothes, weapons and some code. Mod now has non-bugged automatic weapons, grenades and shotguns.
•you can buy tanks and armoured cars in town menu
•you can buy warplanes in townmenu (bombers and fighters)
•also in town menu you can buy howitzers that will fire from outside from the map. You can fire with fragmentation shells and poison gas shells.
•around of 600 new sound files;
•music from BF1 game;
•battle voices;
•ports and sea travelling from RW mod;
•trains from RW mod;
•new big castle/town assault maps and some new town and village scenes;
•new animations;
•random artillery explosions and poison gas on assault maps and normal battles with lords.
•Kingdom of Rhodoks (prototype - Italy)
•United States of Balion (prototype - USA)
•New Albion (prototype - Canada and UK)
•Republic of Nords (prototype - France)

•Swadian Empire (prototype - Germany)
•Sarranid Empire (prototype - Ottoman Empire and Near East)
•Helvetian Empire (prototype - Austria-Hungary)

Neutral Factions:
•Vaegir Soviet Socialist Republic (prototype - Soviet Russia)
•Khaanate of Khergit (prototype - Mongolia)
The battles are SUPER fun lol.  I didn't think I would enjoy this as much as I would =P 

It has a lot that needs to be fleshed out, but what's in the game really works well. 

The biggest con IMO, is the town/village menus.  I can barely read the text with the background images.
I've just downloaded and extracted it into my Warband modules directory, but it isn't in the drop down list of modules when I run the Warband launcher. Does anyone know where I'm going wrong? I'm using version 1.170 of Warband if it makes a difference.
How many mods do you have?  I think there is a limit to how many will be displayed at any given time.  Did you put unzip both the mod and the readme folder or just the mod folder?
Just the mod folder, does it need to be both then? I certainly don't have too many mods, just half a dozen I think. I'll try unzipping the readme folder too. Thanks for the answer by the way.

EDIT: It may have been too many mods after all, I deleted a few that I never play and it has appeared in the list.
Simply amazing mod! I've been playing it for a few days at this point and even if there are bugs, I'm having fun playing it.

Waiting for 1.3!
Great mod!  Much more polished and playable than Red Wars. 

A couple of bugs I have noticed:

One or more of the facial skins is pure black.  Not like the natural skintones of African descended persons, but pure dark glitchy looking black.  The NPC Rolfe has this skin.  This is causing me problems as my two favorite companions are Rolfe and Baheshtur.

Also, when a Lord is garrisoned in a village or docked on the shore in a ship you cannot speak to them.

A couple of minor requests: 

Can you make variants of the women's hat without the long hair and plume?  It really looks better than all the other hillbilly looking hats and I want one for my male characters.  Also I would like a Smokey the Bear American style WW1 campaign hat.

All the bandits types look alike.  Do you plan to make them different?  IE: Russian looking cossacks for the taiga bandits, Arab nomads for the desert bandits, etc.

Keep up the great work!  I haven't played Warband in a few months, but this has brought me back all the way!
Brighter Nights Addon
Addon that restores vanilla night skybox values to make night battles actually playable.
I can't seem to post the link so search "The Parabellum - Brighter Nights" on Mod DB.

Love this mod but things like this can make it real pain.
I can only accept the default dark nights if the AI also suffers the effects of no visibility.
Might make another addon to make the menus less of a pain to read.
A sad sad day for Warband fans and World War 1 history buffs alike. Apparently the mod has been deleted for "violating" terms on moddb, most likely because the developer used BF1 sounds and music in his mod without permission. As usual another great mod bites the dust. I still have hopes that the creator of this mod would find a way around this and continue developing this awesome mod. It has so much potential that it may revive people's interest in Warband since Bannerlord is taking so long to come out (not that it matters anyway, i still prefer having a WWI mod of Warband than the vanilla version of Bannerlord) I've been waiting for a WWI mod for Warband for so long and now this happens. I really do hope the creator continues his work, and on top of that improves it by setting it in the real world.
I heard rumors that the developer used assets of other modders without permission. If that's the case, then it'll be quite a while before it's back on ModDB.
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