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The Pagan Way - A Barbarian Clans Mod (V.1.1 Released)

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THE PAGAN WAY - A Barbarian Clans Mod v.1.1

This mod was created by me (Pagan) for me, It is part yearning to learn how to mod, at least in its simplest form to begin with, and in such process create a mod i have wanted to do for some time now. I have released it on the chance that others may enjoy it too. Now Herby has jumped forward andwill be adding his own touch to the mod.

latest release thanks to Herby
Changes for this release:
Changed warrior titles, so you can now differentiate between the different levels.
Changed NPC clothing to be less medieval.
Changed start-up equipment and options

LINK: http://www.mbrepository.com/modules/PDdownloads/singlefile.php?cid=7&lid=1206

This mod changes all factions to Barbarian CLans.

Lion Clan - Bear Clan - Boar Clan - Wolf CLan - Elk Clan - Raven Clan - Serpent Clan - Clanless Men - Cannibals - Exiles

Mod features:

- No Armor higher then fur or leather (not even at merchants)

- All factions look different (one armour type each, but will add more later)

- Barbarian Face paint

- No Horses

- All units above recruit (pups,cubs,shoats,ext) named warrior, and armed with random equipment, so you won't know what level or skill the enemy you face is. (on the battle field at least)

- All units are infantry, but due to the large random item pool, many are armed with both ranged and hand to hand.

- added Mirathei's Shield bash

- Companion leaving disabled

- Ability to lead larger number of men

- Morale adjusted to avoid problems with larger force

- Duel with any lord or claiment without quest. Just choose "i have something to ask" you'll know which is the duel speech.

- Choose your own kindom name (before becoming a rebel, change your characters name to the clan or kingdom you wish to be called, when you have become a rebel and been given that name, simply change it back)

- Banners have been "edited" for that barbarian feel :wink:


Due to lack of module skills, i made a work around for each faction having only one banner. Choose your banner ONLY from the last line of second last page and all on the last banner page!!! There you will find a selectable banner from all game factions, including Raven and Serpent. If you wish to use lion clan banner, the second last banner on first page will not effect existing lion clan lords banners. Not a perfect system i know, but it works.

SHould you wish to make an independant kingdom of Raven or serpent clan, know that some clanless men found in taverns can be upgraded to these factions.


- A big thankyou to Mirathei for his shield bash script,
- MageLord for his many text tweaks
- creme whose native improved has become the Native clean slate to which i began this mod over. some of his changes are without doubt still there. - D'sparil, Thorgrim, Jubal and HokieBT for their tools and tutorials.
EDIT: - For Shame!! i actually forgot to credit my fience Jade (VJ-Helm)for her awesome work on the Banners.  :oops:
- Herby: for stepping forward to iron out the jagged edges my messy hands left behind. Good job mate.

Features i plan to add in (hopefully near)future.

- More barbarian themed armors, to help with veriaty.
- A more destinct fighting style to each clan (feel free to make suggestions here)
- More mod correct arena outfits
- Change much of the text/dialogue to fit the mod better
- Replace all stone castles with wooden forts
- will try to add Wickedshot's Custom Settlements when v.1 is released.

Thank you and enjoy. I KNOW I WILL!

P.S, If there are any modders who happen to like what i'm doing feel free to join in, i would be more then happy with a team mate to take the concept to new and higher ground. Cheers.

**** NEWSFLASH!! 3/april/2009

Herby will be taking over my mess and fleshing out this mod some more. WOOHOO :mrgreen:


I'd suggest you make use of http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,53406.0.html, if he will let you. I'll keep an eye on this, though since I've just started playing with the module system I can't offer a helping hand :sad:.


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Version one released!!!

I am going to play now, should anyone else give this a try, i would appreciate your thoughts on how the clans should be armed, and way of fighting, so forth. As well as anything i should incorperate, within reason, i am new to modding thus not everything is within my grasp.



Wooh! I was ecstatic to see a download link.

I've thought about making a mod like this countless times - simple, brutal, and fantastic.

First thing I'm doing though is changing the map - adding snow, dense forests. Thank you mate.


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You thing you can send it my way when your done? I would love to add it, with credits.

i tried doing exactly that, more forest and hills, but i am rather clumsy with the map editor and kept getting errors when saving  :oops:


Pagan said:
You thing you can send it my way when your done? I would love to add it, with credits.

i tried doing exactly that, more forest and hills, but i am rather clumsy with the map editor and kept getting errors when saving  :oops:

Most likely your problem is that you've put any towns on hills or water. Just try changing that - the map I made is extremely rough, I spent a couple seconds on it heh.

Just some thoughts while playing - I love the flow of the battles, with the mobs of soldiers and whatnot. I'll admit that I don't have the willpower to get rid of my starting horse, so until it inevitably dies, I'm stuck with absolutely slaughtering them. Throwing weapons work much better now - its the first time I've used them seriously.

Great job.


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Thanks for the feedback Elenmmare

I have linked to a good map above by Aldwen, works well, and for me was save compatible. And ill get rid of that horse and crossbow  hehe i was toyng with the idea of having all lords on horse, but the player is so strong with a horse i decided against.

Glade your enjoying it, it's ok with the small skirmishes but the large 200-300 man battles are pretty cool.  Been playing it the last few hours and have several ideas on how to fix the armies. I'll wait and see if anyone else suggest a theory before i do anything.



Can't play this mod.For some reason,after I download and extract the file in module file I can't find the mod in the mod list on the autoplay


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this is most likely because you unrar then put the folder in modules. but the actual mod folder for The Pagan Way is inside the first folder, along with the read me. i have done the exact same thing in the past.

so look inside the unrar-ed folder called ThePAGANway, and you will find the actuall mod folder you should put in modules. called, The Pagan Way. hehe


Yup,can play it now.I hope you fix the problems as soon as possible and I found another problem.When I open the command bar the map is stuck.It doesn't move.Anyway ,good mod but more improvement can be made.All the best ^_^


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WrathofWoe said:
I'd suggest you make use of http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,53406.0.html, if he will let you. I'll keep an eye on this, though since I've just started playing with the module system I can't offer a helping hand :sad:.

I wouldnt use that.  He increased the resolutions of all textures so there is going to be a fps drop and by doubling the resolution of the textures which were made for lower resolutions, he has pixilated the textures.


Seems a really fun mod! I hope to be able to test it out soon :smile:

Thanks for the credits and happy new year!


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Couple of bugs I found:
- After a practice fight I end up on the training ground but there is no trainer. Instead there is an inventory baggage and sometimes a guy with the default face called Local Merchant. He challenges me to a fight but nothing happens. I have to tab out and speak with the trainer again to continue the training fights.

- Sometimes after I catch a blow to my shield I get the blocking sound twice with a slight delay in between. I don't know if it has something to do with the shield bash script? EDIT: actually, there seems to be something weird about combat all together. It's not very responsive and sound effects don't match up with the action.

- Ymira has a butchering knife and nothing else. This might not be a bug.

- A really strange bug. I was captured by a group. The camera just stayed fixed in the time I would usually be dragged around the map. When I escaped I appeared at the same place I was captured.

I'll add more as I come upon them.


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Cheers for heads up. I too  noticed the strange combat delay. It is definatly shield bash, i think i may have accidently done something to the script at some poiint near the end, since it definatly was not doing that. But playing it myself a few days ago. I noticed this strangenes too. Plus is it just me or do the AI use shield bash a heck of alot.

interesting about the trainer. i never use trainers so never would have found that bug on my own. Thanks

Ymira usually has only a butchering knife and a dress i think. i just removed the dress. hehe

never experienced that one when i was caught, interesting.

Cheers for that. I'm pretty busy at the moment, but i do plan to fix and expand this mod as soon as i have time.



Hmm i rly like the idea but i dont seem to get it to work =P but when i download and put it in Modules and start the game up i cant find i there  :cry:
could u try to help me get it to work cus i rly like the idea whit no mounts cus its just boring when 60% of all the enemies are Mounted no real battle Feeling


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you may have done the same thing another player did. When you extract the folder with RAR, inside the first 'the Pagan Way' folder is the real, The pagan way folder with all the files. i'm sorry this has confused a few people. will not be doing it for the next release.

so to clarify. unrar, then open The Pagan Way folder. inside will be another The Pagan Way folder, this is the one you need to put in modules. Then select it from the drop down menu at game start. should work.



Yay it works =) thanks for the help im gonna try it now and then im gonna give u a tell in how much i like it and i will tell every1 i know that got this game about this mod if i like it wich i think i will =) :mrgreen:


Hey does anyone know how to get rid of shield bash?  kind of drives me nuts when I try to use a spear and shield


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Despite opening the folder and then extracting what is in that folder to modules folder, it still won't show up :sad:
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