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I asked the question about 500 pages ago, and if I remember correctly, Docm said he didn't really keep track how much he had done or needed to get done.
Doc you might want to address your fans on ModDb. They seem incapable of clicking the link to this thread and think the mod is dead or something.
I tried the search function and nothing came up, so i'll assume this hasn't been answered yet; have you managed to find a way to stop horses from running around the battlefield after you dismount? I'm asking this because I don't want make my dragoon regiment dismount to fire a few volleys, only to notice that half their horses are already hauling ass across the battlefield with no rider.
Do not look here said:
Then don't make them dismount near the place they'll shoot. It's pretty logical that loose horses that are under fire will scatter.

They scatter no matter what... In warband if you leave your horse unattended it will soon decide to take a walk around the place.
It'd be interesting to have a list of factions that are permanently alligned or in war with each other.

Ps. I couldn't hold it any longer, Jørgen Jørgensen's just way too bad ass, so it's time to metamorphozise my profile pic. Thank you L'Aigle community for bringin that great hero of Iceland to my conscious!

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