The Original L'Aigle Thread, for the sake of history. Be ye warned.

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Hazzardevil said:
Bluehawk said:
It's a running joke, don't get pulled into it.
Where did it start?

During the early days of the thread, when Agovic talked about nothing else than Montenegro and how glorious it is. And he did it constantly, which drew people to lose their patience. I'm actually a bit amused of it. I once tested the power of that word by writing a post with nothing else than the M-word in it, and the result was about 3 pages of pure hate/anger spam and the thread was most active in days :lol:
crodio said:
hey agovic, which was Montenegro's most shameful defeat?

Considering military defeats, worst were during the reigns of ones during the 1700s (except Danilo I and Tsar Šćepan I, Petar I Petrović-Njegoš also included in exception) and during Petar II Petrović-Njegoš.

The most "shameful defeat" =>

&&Yes, I support Iceland and Ireland suggestions as for bringing them up into a level of independent nations.
Willhelm said:
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Joseph Graham said:
So, will we able to launch a revolution and bring about the Republic of Iceland? 8D
There probably will not be a village there unfortunately.
I can't imagine Ireland being completely empty.
I meant Ireland before, but I think there should be a village attached to a town or castle that is near the sea route to get there. By attached I mean that if the castle is taken, then that village changes hands as well.
So I did this fun little search and found no less than 327 messages with the M word in them (to not add another one) taking a whopping 11 pages of the search results. That means that about 1-2% of this thread has been wasted on it. I guess that makes it the 1% :grin:

Any chance of seeing some of the battle scenes I read about being handcrafted? I did look for them but couldn't really find any. Obviously if they haven't been made yet, I apologise for asking silly things.
It doesn't matter what kind of settlement they put on Ireland, Im Irish myself and it doesn't bother me. Realistically we'll all be focused on conquering the mainland of Europe not some island's far to the west like Iceland and Ireland.
Well if the map is on the same scale as say, Anno Domini 1257, Ireland defiantly wouldn't be empty. There a quite a few settlements in Anno Domini 1257 Ireland, but that map is very large. But anyway, Ireland is hardly a 'far west' island , why shouldn't it receive as much attention as mainland Britain?
To add onto those Serbian plates, a similar uniform to the 1809 "regular" in the black winter coat with purple embroidery can be found in the Belgrade Military Museum, but the pompon on the shako has concentric colours rather than the quadrants seen in Vasić's book. These display pieces are probably modern reproductions though.


Serbia's Ministry of Internal Affairs has an article briefly summarizing their history, and it has two plates for a "Municipal Pandurs" (Градски Пандури) established in 1807 for keeping peace in Belgrade. They essentially appear to be wearing a uniform inspired by the Austrians, except for the galloon on the bottom and front edges of the collar for the NCOs, which was unique to the Russians until 1808. I think Docm30 said at one point that there wouldn't be police made, and city scenes would just have regular soldiers standing watch for sentries, but I thought I'd post it anyway since there's so little material on the 1st Serbian Uprising.

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