The Original L'Aigle Thread, for the sake of history. Be ye warned.

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Some of that made no sense, but it's good. Not "tearful" like these other sods think, but it definitely captures how we've progressed through the couple years since the mod conception. Late myself, Froeliche Weinachten, mein Kommeraten!


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I'm the ghost of Christmas present?


Amazing story man, I loved it! Merry Christmas and once again a great 'THANK YOU' to Docm. We must never forget how amazing his stuff actually is, and how lucky we are to get it, for FREE!
Agovic's exploits never fail to crack me up, as does this:
Docm30 said:
And frankly, I don't even think Montenegro really exists; I've got a map of Africa right here and it's nowhere to be found.

I had doubts about this mod coming out this year, I don't care when it does because, whenever it does, it will blow the doors of the place.

It really is worth waiting for...


Oh my god, that story was amazing!

Docm, your mod looks amazing! Good job and good luck with it!

By the way, Im Vimel, im new here. I have been reading this thread for a while but I just recently decided to make an account. :smile:
Excited for this! And welcome to the newcomers.
How about we go around and state our most anticipated parts of the mod?
I will say: I am looking forward to the military rank system and the culture/society features. The uniforms and such look amazing too!
I personally can't wait to lead a regiment of cuirassiers thundering across the map to smash an infantry line. The cannons ought to make for an interesting experience, too.


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Donated 5$, don't even care if it isn't done for a while. The more time you have the greater it will be :3

Lol, you bought Docm30 Coffee and Donuts, that will speed up progress for sure :smile:


Docm30 said:
A drink brewed of beans is just about the most vile thing I can imagine. That will buy some Coke, though, and that's what I run on. Thankee.

A coffee "bean" is actually not a bean. It is actually the pit of a fruit, and most delicious as well. Speaking of coffee, will we be able to trade in commodities of the Napoleonic period such as coffee, herring, sugar, tea, etc.? Or are we stuck with the native commodities?


There is a lot of things I look forward for in the mod!
One of the things will be when i have a huge line of men aiming at the enemy charging towards us, then i will give order to fire and watch as half the enemy soldiers fall to the ground  :twisted:
Another thing I look forward to is the great city scenes and uniform textures. :smile:
I am very much looking forward to this mod, coming from the NW community I am going to be so happy when the day comes that I don't have to deal with FSE, also the many glitches with the game that come from never updating it since it was made on a ver early version of war band.
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