The "Olympic medals" fief distribution election is broken

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Now, I'm not talking about how you don't get the fief when you conquer a fief that you led as the head of the party/army.

I actually like the current system which the interpretation/justification is that when you conquer something, you conquer it in the name of your lord/king, for the purposes of the war -- not as a personal/private venture. Even the Conquistadores, who were a private venture, technically received authorization from the government and therefore the conquered lands were not supposed to be a private kingdom/territory for them -- but rather, the king granted them the title of governor for those lands.

Therefore, if you're a vassal, you wouldn't always expect to receive the fief. If you're aking, you have an obligation to distribute the fiefs fairly. So that's not what I'm saying is broken.

The problem is that it seems like castles, although definitely a weaker economic/strategic value than a town, does not count at all toward the logic of how many fiefs a certain vassal has -- despite the fact that same vassals keep appearing as eligible candidates for the vote.

What I mean, is things go like this:
  1. You're the king. You have 3 towns. Noble A and B and C have 1 town each.
  2. For fair distribution, when new territory is conquered, you, the king, won't pop up as a candidate, but A, B and C will pop up.
  3. But as things go, for the next 15 conquests, you've taken 12 castles and 3 towns.
  4. In this situation: A, B, and C keep on popping up as candidates, each now amassing 2 towns and 4 castles
  5. Afterwards the, the kingdom conquers 9 more castles... and still only A, B, and C will pop up, because the system seems to think your 3 towns are still worth more than the fiefs A, B, and C have... which are now 2 towns and 7 castles each.
  6. Only after 3 more towns are captured, and A, B, C each receiving 3 towns like you, the king, they will stop popping up. The end result is now they have 3 towns and 7 castles, a ridiculous amount for a mere lord to have.
This is not only broken in terms of balance of power between you, the king, and the lords A, B, and C.. but it's even worse for the lesser lords with lower clan rank who keeps getting pushed back as a candidate, and be stuck for decades with only having something like 1 castle, because the system forces the highest ranking lords to first "even up" with the king, and then the next ranks, and then the next ranks.. and etc.

The logic, seems to be broken. The number of castles HAVE to count for something.

As it is, the system, currently seems to calculate the "worth" of fiefs like the Olympics, where nation that has 1 Gold medal is higher in overall rank than another nation that has 10 Silvers and 15 Bronze.


That is not how it works. Basically the closest clan owning a fief gets in the vote when a new fief is conquered. Its dumb I know. I played as the king and after my 4 fiefs in the corner of the map I never got in the vote even when I conquered the whole map. As a vassal I just got 5 cities and a castle because guess what I was in the middle of it.
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