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I'd not come across him before, but I noticed the last post he made before the goodbye one. He had made a new thread ostensibly parodying the 'Should you give money to homeless people' thread, with a title that was something like 'Should you give money to homeful people'. His post was a bit nonsensical and contradictory at times, and he claimed to be from Chad. It was largely sentence after sentence of non sequiturs, starting off with reference to giving money to people who had homes but then becoming more vague. I presume it was mostly meant to be funny or simply sarcastic, but I think there was as much an attempt at pure provocation in parts of it. I can't remember what the last line was, it was something to do with killing people. I think he said something like 'Has anyone else killed a person and regretted it' or something like that!
I've sent you a private message containing a list of links and 2 screenshots.

Here's the code for doing the same thing to another user with access bug:
const printUrl = (tag) => {

    if (tag.href !== "")

document.querySelectorAll("a").forEach(tag => printUrl(tag));
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