The official Goodbye thread.

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I would post if only I had anything to say, just to show I'm also still lurking...oh wait


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Speaking of returning members; this year it's ten years since I took the Resized picture.

Time flies when you're having fun...

Flin Flon

Guys, I'm an obsessive ****ing moron. I'm starting a new study soon and I need to be sure that I'm not too distracted. The best thing that works for me is just denying myself access to **** so I'm nuking my account.

Thanks all for the good times, sorry for being a massive weeb at times. Live long and prosper.


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None of us have friends in real life due to our social incompetence plus autistic humor and the only relationships either of us have had was where we both met up once and had forced gay sex with one another knowing we'd never get a woman. My ass ended up hurting so we stopped.
Lies and slander, I've had good fun with Wellen playing TSW until it became ****e.