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The official Goodbye thread.

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Let's hope Bonerolf will be released this decade, with the addition of the Mighty Wurst to the TW team.
Still, congratulations, man! 


Age of Empires II
It is commendable for someone to begin working for a game company that we all know will gash out a terrible game. Hitting multiple enemies with one swing alone is the worst feature ever implemented in the history of recorded history.


Age of Empires II
I am not entitled, I am just pretending to complain about a random feature from ages ago that brain dead On-topic gash smears seemed to dislike for no other reason than I was on the bus to work and had nothing to do. I am going to enjoy Bonergash quite thoroughly when it comes out. The only things I actually genuinely care about are the Total Annihilation modding scene and Libretro.

There's one thing I hate to pure gash and that is little gash spaffs who complain about preordering games or how their favourite game developer is implementing a terrible gash feature when they themselves have almost no knowledge about how game production works. I once knew one of those terminal pissgash chunder****s from college and I had to remove him from GashBook because he would constantly post the most normie unaware gash ****. He was also pretty physically deformed in the facial area and it caused me great distress. What a gash smear.
I hope you signed some papers or something, Duh. They have a history of saying they're going to give people jobs and then ignoring them for all time.


Looks like you've got an old forum member and his friend on Reddit:


Hi, I'm AWdeV, I have a friend called Wellenbrecher, these aren't our real names as we don't wish to expose ourselves with our pathetic internet history.

Basically for nearly a decade we've been on multiple forums, we met first playing games like Mount and Blade and Dwarf Fortress. Eventually our lives started going down the pan and rather than growing up like adults and accepting responsibility, we took to taking out our self-hatred on regular forum members.

None of us have friends in real life due to our social incompetence plus autistic humor and the only relationships either of us have had was where we both met up once and had forced gay sex with one another knowing we'd never get a woman. My ass ended up hurting so we stopped.

I just want out. I want a normal life where I don't feel like a mentally impaired person. We both literally have over 10 years of postings on one forum alone. I want to stop.

?? I remember AWdeV and Wellenbrecher from back in the day. There always was something weird about them and their "humor."



And this sawnote guy just happened to find their post within an hr of them making it! What a remarkable event.


Always knew them was wussies. Thank you for confirming my suspicions, Sawnotef. Are you by any chance looking for making some quick money? Because I happen to be a Nigerian Prince-buisiness president on my grandmother's side.
Wow, the bugger went to actual effort!

Ignoring, unfortunately, for how long I haven't been here before this.
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