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The Official Art thread

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Can't believe i missed this one. Noice.

Also this thread is nearly 15 years old. What the fugg.

Work in progress



Such a trivial scene, yet this picture manages to spark so many feelings inside of me. It reminds me of a situation, a place I once was.. or wasn't I? Its like looking into a dream I have forgotten a long time ago. Thank you @NA1F, your art is very special.
☺ thanks

i add sound
hope u like it

day moon


The fuzzy haired girl in the middle kinda looks like Sher. Before plastics and all.
And as always, quite impressive.


Grandmaster Knight
Recent quick drawings.


Dave Allen! Fantastic. Is the first one Bolsonaro? He seems to have a slightly Nick Griffinesque bozz eye; is that just coincidence or a little satirical joke- linking someone who is leading a country to a less prominent far-right loon (perhaps suggesting he is just as preposterous and reprehensible as a controversial half-joke of a politician in the UK, but somehow he became a president)? I'm probably jumping to conclusions with that, but Griffin came immediately to mind.

Lots of nice work in this thread as usual, it's nice to admire your creations.
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