The Oceanic (OC) Battle Server, a petition from our community.

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Greetings. @Dejan @Callum @MArdA TaleWorlds

The last 3 months~ have borne witness to an unpredictable yet entirely welcomed resurgence of our community, we are now maxing out our Battle server every Sunday when all the currently created clans jump on to play in a coordinated fashion. While there have been annoying limitations and things that must be tolerated using a public server, we have endured but now we have reached a point that many of our clans will no-longer be able to play. Why is that? Because we are already maxing 100/100 slots and have more clans on the way, many of our clan players will not even be able to partake in our organized clan battle event. While nothing against those who go lone wolf or are from other regions who join the server just because it has players, it is that lack of control that is going to negatively impact the gameplay experience for many while our resurgence continues to go full speed ahead.

We know you lend custom servers to EU clans or organized communities, mostly to partake in your testing but also so they have the genuine capacity to run a proper and full-on event. You have even advertised a clan training video which is related to the events they take part in using custom servers you have given out. We ask most humbly for one of the following things; either option will improve our gameplay experience.

A: Provide us with the files necessary to run a event server so we can provide the best possible clan battle experience for all OC clans to enjoy. I am one of the 'Community Council' members for the OC community so I would be happy to be personally contacted about this here or on Discord.
B: Increase the OC Battle server slots to match that of Siege (120) or even higher if the game supports it, this will allow more of our clan players to actually get into the event.

While naturally the first option is preferable, we would appreciate at the very least the latter being done. We have had significant patience since coming back when Battle was released and we shall continue to do so, all we humbly request is some recognition and communication from you, the developers, so we can better improve our events with tools or changes we know that are already available.

As you will see with the media referenced, it shows the maxed out server for our most recent event, in which approximately 85% of the players were apart of clans and that's without the multiple new clans coming back and playing in this weeks event. Many players are going to miss out if something isn't done.


If you wish to see how we operate before considering anything or need further communication with our Community Council below are the necessary details.

Community Discord:
Community Council Members: Xaime#1942, Arctanas#1791, OldMan#4051, Bronze#4272, Kaewyn / Matt#2390, UsainVanRudisha#2178

I am more than happy to take on the role of personally communicating with someone at Taleworlds to arrange providing us with a custom server, I just need to be informed of who to contact - or to be contacted and which platform to use for this.

I hope you consider this post, what has been said and take the time to communicate with us here in this thread or in private, we would truly appreciate it.

Kind regards, the OC Community.
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1+, This is something that really needs to be looked at, were all as a whole fighting to enjoy this game like you guys wanted us too, but with all the issues and lack of communication, it's becoming a losing battle to keep players active and interested, we've all done what we can in the community to enjoy the events that everyone is involved in creating and keeping us entertained while we wait patiently, but it's now your turn Taleworld's to start providing for us.
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Anything you can do to help the current situation would be greatly appreciated, we're all bearing through the current situation but our patience is wearing thin. Even if the custom servers are not ideal yet and prone to crashing or whatnot, that would be a million times better than what we have now, even the bare minimum of increasing the server cap would help, please show us some love.
+ 1 !!!!

The OCE community is off to a great start and growth is only going to continue to snowball from here, we would really appreciate any extra help we can get from the TW team.

Thanks to all the clan leaders, clan players, and my fellow community council members the OCE community is stronger than ever.
I'm still shocked that the OCE has survived and grown despite all the limitations to slots, changing it away from only 2 factions, the same map every event, and no class limits or admin tools.
Here's hoping we get some attention, or it'll be a slow death to the OCE community that could have been.
+1 surprise surprise we hit the server cap, we need a larger server to cater for the growing population of players who are interested with the battle events. Everyone's asking for custom/private servers and we understand that there are limitations however TaleWorlds is more than welcome to use the Oceanic Community to "TEST" custom/private servers.
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