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Is this just a Warband bug or a 1257 AD bug?
My character is not in my party but I still play as my character in battles etc my place in my party has been taken by one of my companions and I can no longer talk to or move that companion nor will he fight in battles for some reason. Any ideas?

EDIT: After making a castle with from my village my character is now part of the garrison but not my party


I have two questions regarding the mod. I searched the forums (also reddit and steam forums), and while it seems that these problems are not unique to me, I didn't find a solution for them. So.

1: sometimes I lose some sound. I think it is related to the day-night cycle. The sounds missing are mostly the fighting related ones. For example when doing the train peasants mission, I have sounds when the practice fight is during the day, and there are no sounds when it happens at night.

2: it is very difficult to define, but something is up with textures. It seems that items have some additional aura (?), maybe a filter or something. At first I noticed it at night+rain, and I was thinking it is a strange way to represent pouring rain. But I realized that it even shows up when I meet characters at a tavern.

Does anybody have any ideas about these?

Also, which is the most stable version of the mod?

Thanks a lot!


Not sure about #1, but #2 sounds like you have HDR on. Never turn HDR on.

Thanks for the answer, very kind of you.
It was not the solution however, but I found it out. I thought I should share, maybe some player encounters it in the future.

So, the last version on moddb comes with an "exe" installer, not in a zipped folder. The installer replaces shaders optionally. But this is highlighted by default, and it seems I didn't uncheck the box.

When you have the optional shaders installed, it puts a very strange white-ish gloss/glow/aura on all units. The problem disappeared when I identified the files causing the problem. Basically I just had to delete postFX.fx and mb.fx in the 1257AD folder. (I guess a reinstall would also work, with not allowing the install of optional shaders)

Unfortunately I didn't find a solution for the "no sound during night" bug. My search only verified that it is not just me (found the same issue posted on reddit and steam forums by different players), but unfortunately no one could come up with a solution for this. This is not actually a minor thing, as for example you don't actually hear cavalry approaching behind your back, or arrows hitting the ground nearby. I actually didn't realize how much I use the sounds to identify danger, until I tried to play with this bug:smile:

edit: I re-installed so that this info is correct. So at one point, the 1257AD shader was optional, but in the last version it is not. (during install, you cannot disable it). So if someone has this problem, it seems it cannot be fixed during installing the mod, the two files should be deleted manually after running the exe.
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