The new shoulders ughrrr...

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Can you please fix those shoulders specially khuzaits. I fixed it for myself. 3 different looking types of eastern studded shoulders has same stats. 3 brass lamellar shoulders has same stats. 2 types of leather lamellar shoulders has same stats and the 2 types of metal lamellar shoulders has same stats. Same goes for the brass lamellar white shoulders - the sturgian ones. And one more thing, since when the metal is weaker than the leather I mean eastern studded shoulders are stronger than the metal lamellar shoulders. That stats are not realistic for the game according to their vision/look and material. It's already main 1.5.7 and this is going since they are in the game since 2 or 3 updates. Did someone forgot to finish his job? Also finally find a suitable gauntlets or mail mittens for the Khuzait lancers PLEASE! Why are they always using different culture gloves/gauntlets? Give them at least mail mittens and mail boots, that way it'll be more reasonable/appropriate/suitable according to their mail with brass lamellar armor. Please rebalance. Thank you :smile:
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