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With the arrival of custom servers just on the horizon and the introduction of the OC_Battle server, the Oceanic Bannnerlord Community has returned in force.
Newly created by the leaders of three of the most active clans in Oceania to be a place where the community can gather, interact and organise events!

We are welcoming to players both new and old, regardless of skill and whether competitive or casual. Our goal is to act as a hub for the entire Oceanic community and to be THE place where you can find others in our region to play with.

- Actively running events EVERY single weekend with around 70+ players. (When the servers cooperate)
These events are currently for the Battle and Siege game modes.

Check out the below video for an example!

- All current active clans are on the discord.
Many are actively seeking out new players, both competitive and casual.

- Plans to run competitive tournaments for clans in the future with the arrival of custom servers. Seasonal formats and leader boards/rankings.
We will run our own custom servers to facilitate scrims, events, clan wars and more.

- Community members can opt-in to be pinged when people are playing so you never miss out.

- Zero tolerance for toxicity and trolling.

If you are interested in becoming part of our growing community, join us here!
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