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The new garrison system has made it impossible to store troops in garrisons

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I have noticed very many issues with how this system was implemented. I like the idea but the really messed it up. The only way i have found to store troops in your garrison without them getting replaced is to have the total wage be under 2k and to bring it down until it stops auto recruiting men. However, the max wage you can do without it being infinite is 2k. The problem with this is even a medium sized groups of t5 troops go over that so you have to use unlimited wage. This is where the real issues start. The game will auto recruit until the +1 from notables gets counteracted by the -1 from food shortages. But watched my garrisons when this happened and i discovered that this is REPLACING your troops with garbo troops. This makes it unlimited wage impossible to use for storing troops. So the options you are left with is to keep your khan guards in groups of <150 in 10 different garrisons or have them slowly get replaced by trash. My person strategy atm is to never disband my army ever. Tellworlds i like the idea but this is probably the worst implementation of any idea you guys have had to date
Update: found one way to store troops. Have to max out garrison size. As long as the food is good it wont auto recruit. Will suck when i die and my garrison size is lowered but dont really have a choice atm
It just like most of this game, poorly coordinated ideas that don't work well. It's a ghost from what we saw presented in 2016.
Yeah I made a big :poop: thread about it too. Not the worst thread I've made in a rage on here. I even made a video but I forgot to post it in my lividness.
I will say at some point and I didn't know why/how, the annoying -garrison things stopped showing up when I reduced the wage limit to close to the current limit. I haven't tried to analyze what changed and I really hope it's not doing some **** behind my back. But yeah I want the graineries to fill up and that mean NO MORE ****ing imperial recruits! Garrison for Horse archer and fians ONLY! Only the best can live in my towns and eat my scarce food!

Everything looks okay so far when I click the town remotely, but I won't be going back to them for awhile. Operation Steppe storm is underway! 1 town down, 4 more to go!
I have msj of 1 troop deserting even when the limit is set over the current wages cost... I don’t understood anything


that's why i feel like they didnt test this even a little bit before putting it out
they need an experimental branch to actually test out a bunch of features, and then release betas when the features are more than half-baked.

it feels like 80% of the devs playtest, but dont understand the game.
Like. How did they think it was OK to have millions of denars/influence in the early/midgame? Obviously whoever play tests doesnt have a shred of testing acumen.
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