The new ambitious mod that adds Crusader Kings elements to the Bannerlord: Banner Kings

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It's a great mod and shows a lot of potential. Right now it is in its early stages of development, and as I am doing longer playthroughs, I will wait for it ti mature, although I occasionally enable it for my experiments.

I hope that it will become what we dream about and am very cautiously optimistic. Also, I hope that Taleworlds will look at the mod and integrate its best features into the base game.

This + diplomacy + RBM and i'll finally have the perfect bannerlord experience, can't wait for the author to make them compatible.

It's not about copying CK but about adding meaningful and well-thought features inspired by it that hugely enhances the game in every way possible.

TW themselves seems to be allergic to any feature more complex than a 5y old can comprehend lol

Don't forget about mods like Improved Garrisons and the Autoresolve Rebalanced
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